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For those of you anal retentive folks (myself included), ideally I will post Monday, Wednesday, and Friday around 8:00am Pacific Time. (You will find, however, if you just use an RSS reader, you really don’t have to keep track of when I post because when I DO post, it will just magically appear in your blog feed. Fancy!! Or you can sign up to be notified via email when I post.)

However, since I am the Primary Designated Grown Up In Charge™ of my three small children, I reserve the right to utterly fail at adhering to this schedule. (I always like to build in some outs for myself because if I’ve learned anything about myself over these past 3-4 decades it’s that I crumble under expectations.)

I used to have set topics on certain days and that was useful for the first few months. But now, I find it limiting. And since the blog schedule was made for me and not the other way around, I am now posting about whatever I want, whenever I want (on Monday and Wednesday around 8:00am Pacific Time).

Lately, I’ve been wanting to add more Chinese language resources (especially for those of us trying to raise our kids bilingual in Chinese and English). As a result, I’ve started seeding back dated posts so that searches don’t come up empty and those of you with blog rolls aren’t flooded with resource-related posts. This will likely take a really long time because there are a ton of resources out there! I’ve also decided to start doing Chinese resource-related posts every Friday.

Anyhow, that was somewhat blathery but hopefully more informative than nonsensical blatheriness.


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