More Chinese Bookstores

Here are a few more online Chinese bookstores:

World Journal Bookstore (世界書局) – Bookstore affiliated with The World Journal newspaper (世界日報). Also has a children’s, magazine and Simplified books section.
Site Language: Traditional Chinese
Physical Locations: Multiple US locations
Products: Books (all subjects), magazines, children’s section
Product Languages: Traditional, Simplified,

Little Monkey and Mouse – A bookstore that features fun, attractive, and high-quality Chinese reading & educational materials, interactive media, toys, art and cultural products from Taiwan, Hong Kong, and China. Includes books with zhuyin and pinyin.
Site Language: English
Physical Locations: Belmont, CA (Bay Area)
Products: Books, educational materials, interactive media, toys, art and cultural products
Product Languages: Traditional, Simplified, zhuyin, pinyin, English, Spanish

Greenfield Education Center (青田教育中心) – This center publishes and sells high quality children books in Chinese and English geared for ages 0-14, as well as books for parents. They also hold courses for parents, teachers, and children.
Site Language: Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, English
Physical Locations: Hong Kong
Products: Proprietary learning materials, children’s books (learning Chinese and stories), multimedia, English books, parenting books
Product Languages: Traditional, Simplified, English

NanHai – Store provides pinyin or character only Simplified textbooks (K-college), test prep, and books. They also provide seminars, workshops, art, and cultural experiences. (ETA 4/23/15) According to CL, a fellow parent in one of my FB groups, she feels that Nanhai is not particularly catering towards the younger population; many of their books are for adult learners. Children books are limited. She bought from them once before and the service was fine.
Site Language: English
Physical Locations: Santa Clara, CA (Bay Area)
Products: K- college multiple subject textbooks, test prep, teacher aids, readers, reference materials, seminars, workshops, cultural experiences
Product Languages: Simplified, pinyin, bilingual, English

Mei Zhou Hua Yu (美洲語華) – Publisher of textbooks (K-10) in pinyin Traditional, zhuyin Traditional, pinyin Simplified. Also provide homework samples. Note: They do not have online ordering capabilities. You have to download an order form, fill it out, and then send the form and check to a Southern Californian address.
Site Language: Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, English
Physical Locations: No
Products: K-10 textbooks, homework samples
Product Languages: Traditional, Simplified, zhuyin, pinyin

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