Parenting, like any intimate relationship, can often bring out the best and worst in ourselves. For me, the toughest part about parenting (other than the long slog of daily living) is that it highlights all my worst character flaws, fears, and brokenness.

Many of my pieces speak to parenting out of our brokenness, examining how our families of origin and our childhood affect our current families and our children. Often, these pieces don’t even look like your typical parenting article – but they do relate, I promise.

Of course, I write about the boring (I mean, less dramatic) parts about parenting, too. Whatever the case, I hope my articles help you feel less alone, less unknown, and give you hope for the future. (And at the very least, teach you some creative usage of the swears.)

Here, in no particular order, are some of the pieces I think cover the breadth of my parenting posts:

1) Learning to be Human – I have an extremely difficult time seeing other people – including my own children – as human. Here, I explore how this impacts my parenting.

2) It’s Not About Me – Even though my father was an abusive parent, he got what he wanted from us. Sometimes, I would like to get what I want from my children.

3) The Terrible Fear in Tenderness – I often anesthetize myself with my phone while with my kids out of fear of truly being present and engaged.

4) I Cut My Kids’ Screen Time and This Is What Happened – I can’t summarize this post better than the title itself.

5) The Right Philosophy Won’t Save You – A lot of me believes that if I just do XYZ, I will be guaranteed healthy, happy, and successful children who grow up into healthy, happy, and successful adults. But it’s not true.

6) Sometimes, Parenting is a Slog – 8 tips on how to lessen the stress of the daily struggle of parenting.

7) Things I Didn’t Realize I Needed to Teach My Children – 10 things I didn’t realize I had to explicitly teach my children.

8) Can You Get PTSD from Taking Your Kid to the Dentist? – I take my then 4 year old to the dentist. It turns out spectacularly badly.

9) I Can Still Be Surprised – I thought that since this was my fourth baby, I would have everything all sewn up. Here are 8 ways I was caught unaware.

10) How Things Are Different with the 4th Baby – 14 ways I parent my fourth child differently than I parented my first.