What I’ve Been Doing Instead of Writing

Happy New Year, friends!

Ok, ok. The new year started nine days ago. I’m a little late to the game. But you know what? Technically, a new year starts every single second so there.

I decided to give myself a break from writing what with a two month old and the holidays and what not. But at some point, a break can become a state of being so I forced myself to take time to actually write.

It’s not that I don’t have anything to write about. But it is a muscle that has taken a good 3-5 month break because let’s be real, I haven’t written much in the back quarter of the year.

I couldn’t even get it together for the typical 2016 round up posts like my top posts of the year, my top Chinese posts of the year, my top books, etc.

So, what have I been doing instead of writing both to relieve stress, exercise my brain, as well as entertain you lovely people?

Here then, is a handy list:

1) Munching on Sasquatch.

Look. He’s two months and change and fat. SO DELICIOUSLY FAT.

He’s my last baby so dammit, I am his sole source of nourishment and he’s gotta be 15+ pounds by now and I MADE THAT so you know what?


2) Playing Two Dots and its sequel, Dots & Co.

Instead of doing something productive like reading or writing or parenting, I play this mindless game. I’ve even thrown money at it. I’m not too proud to admit that.

I even got my brother, my sister-in-law, Cookie Monster, and some friends addicted.

I’ve done my duty to society. You’re welcome.

3) Read.

I finally got off my ass and started reading again. Ok, I guess I haven’t really stopped reading so much as took a month or so break from reading fantasy novels that really are a huge time investment.

It has been glorious.

I will be doing a book post soon so I will expound on those books then.

But needless to say, reading has been awesome. The authors are really stepping up their game.

However, this does cut into my sleep so I am tired. A lot. And this also does not help with the writing thing.

4) Stalked and overshared on Facebook.

Ok, that really isn’t any sort of new behavior. But it certainly has taken up a lot of my time.

5) Adulting.

Yes, yes. I have gotten a head start on my goals for 2017 and actually started to pay medical bills on time. (Seriously – this is the first time out of the four babies I have actually paid for the birth bills within six months of the baby appearing.)

I also submitted insurance claims and opened brokerage accounts and transferred money and added beneficiaries and made sure that if Hapa Papa and I were to both die that Sasquatch would get his fair share of our loot.

Priorities, people.

6) Avoided reading the newspaper.

Even though I have a digital subscription to the NYT and used to also read HuffPo religiously, I have completely stopped reading articles unless they are posted on Facebook.

I think I got burned out on the news during the election.

I know I should go back to reading because being informed during the Trump Presidency will be key to making sure our rights aren’t eroded and stolen out from under us.

But still. I needed a break.

7) Using my Instant Pot.

Okokokokok. I don’t want to overstate my actual usage. But I’ve used it 5-6 times since my friend came over and made me dinner so I consider it a win.

It doesn’t really take up that much time. I just wanted to brag.

8) Texting.

Again. Not a new thing. But I want to be honest.

Now that I list things out, I feel a little embarrassed. After all, you can’t call yourself a writer if you’re not writing.

(Although, really. Is it a constant state of writing that makes you a writer? Or you have to write a certain percentage of time? I mean, if you’re not actively seeing patients, you’re still a doctor, right? So how come you can only call yourself a writer if you write? Sorry. Tangent.)

Anyhow, this is just a pre-emptive pronouncement that there are BIG THINGS coming down the pipeline. And by BIG THINGS, I mean, just the usual. I just wanted to hype myself up to get excited about writing again.

Mostly, I just need to get back in the habit of writing and re-learning the fact that I can no longer dedicate huge swaths of time to writing (among other things) and need to figure out how to work productively in short spurts of time.

You know, be an actual grown up.

Alright. That’s it for today. What have you been up to during the holidays? Let me know in the comments.

Death By List

I don’t know about you, but I LOVE lists. To-Do Lists. Top Ten Lists. Avoid These Things Like The Plague Lists. You name it. I love it.

I love to start lists and add to them. I love to write down things I’ve already done just for the pleasure of crossing them OFF.

In fact, why don’t I give you a list of my current lists? OMG. I LOVE THIS IDEA.

  • Home Improvement
  • Blog Topics
  • Items Borrowed
  • Items Lent
  • Christmas Cards/Addresses
  • To Sell
  • General To-Do
  • Christmas Presents
  • Missing Toys
  • Essential Oils To Buy
  • What I Want My Kids to Learn
  • What I Want to Learn
  • Several grocery lists by store
  • Photo Books to create
  • Go Bag/Emergency Disaster
  • Things I need to get done by Year End
  • 2014 Goals
  • 2015 Goals
  • Taiwan 2015 Packing List
  • Books I Want to Read
  • Books I’ve Read
  • Shows/Movies I Want to Watch (all queued up on the DVR)
  • To Clean

Fine fine fine. Most of these are To-Do Lists – but true fact. I often turn “Top Ten” lists into To-Do lists. Especially when they involve reading books. I CAN’T HELP IT. It keeps my scatterbrain semi-organized.

The only problem is, that despite the fact that these lists help ease my mind in the sense that I won’t forget stuff, it is also a burden weighing on the back of my mind. I constantly feel as if I am under the gun or wasting time. And then, when I finally do have time, I “waste” it by doing the easy things first. (eg: Watching TV or Reading) Oh, let’s be real. I squander my free time by browsing Facebook and Huffington Post.

Of course, I then feel even worse.

It’s not that it is a heavy burden. I know that most of these items, in the grand scheme of things (and besides groceries because OMG FOOD IS VITAL), the world will not end if I don’t get them done. It just feels like I need to get them done and since I love completion, this unfinished business nags and annoys me like I nag and annoy Hapa Papa.

Gosh, I’m irritating.

Anyhow, I thought I’d just get it out there. I know that I must not be the only anal retentive one, right? (Albeit, a somewhat procrastinatey type.) How do you keep the lists serving you versus the other way around? (I’m not really looking for special apps or To-Do lists. Mostly, I just wanted to complain. And cross off an item on my “To-Blog” list.)

Happy Cyber Monday!