Yet More Chinese Bookstores

Here are yet more online Chinese bookstores:

SageBooks (思展) – Provides proprietary literacy materials for young readers. Explores the philosophy, history, art, geographic nature and many other interesting facets of China.
Site Language: English, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese
Physical Locations: Hong Kong
Products: Proprietary learning materials, children’s books (learning Chinese and stories), multimedia, ebooks, free learning resources
Product Languages: Traditional, Simplified, English, pinyin

Yahoo Online Auction Store – While technically not a bookstore, you can get books this way. This is the Taiwan-based site and you can occasionally find books or other educational materials here. It is an online auction and in a foreign currency, though!
Site Language: Traditional Chinese
Physical Locations: No
Products: anything – but you can search for books, etc.
Product Languages: Traditional

Jiang Sheng Educational Co., Ltd (劍聲幼教事業機構) – Mostly an Educational company, they provide a lot of classroom materials and some Chinese Montessori items
Site Language: Traditional Chinese
Physical Locations: No
Products: classroom materials, Chinese Montessori learning materials
Product Languages: Traditional

Wink to Learn – Provide early learning flash cards, DVDs, and streaming videos in multiple languages
Site Language: English
Physical Locations: No
Products: Flash cards, DVDs, streaming videos
Product Languages: Traditional, Simplified, English, Arabic, other Asian and European languages

XinYi (信誼) – Children’s bookstore, toys, and learning materials. I’ve personally visited this store and it’s a nice, cozy shop with helpful staff. There are a ton of learning materials, books, toys, DVDs, and even electronic readers that teach zhuyin and sight words. There are several areas where kids can play, including a tiny, adjacent playground.
Site Language: Traditional
Physical Locations: Taipei
Products: Children’s books, toys, learning materials, CDs, DVDs
Product Languages: Traditional, English, zhuyin

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