Author: Mandarin Mama

Asiana Prank

I know I’m a bit late to this, but I wanted to add my voice to the fray. To recap, KTVU, a local Bay Area news station (confirmed by the NTSB), read on-air, the supposed names of the Asiana flight crew to be the following:...

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Inaugural Post

Every blog has a start date so I just have to bite the bullet and make this my official start date. 🙂 I am super excited to start off a new blog (I’ve been blogging for a good decade or so in various online aliases, etc.)...

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Full disclosure:

I am trying to resurrect this newsletter and my blog, though I make no promises! It will likely be a random hodgepodge until I find my footing. If you want to come along for the ride until it no longer serves you, please join me! I appreciate you!

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