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Every blog has a start date so I just have to bite the bullet and make this my official start date. 🙂 I am super excited to start off a new blog (I’ve been blogging for a good decade or so in various online aliases, etc.) and to share all my pithy (but most likely shallow) thoughts with you, the internets, and beyond!

Please take a look around at my site policies, posting schedule, and various other sorts of stuff. I know, I know. Totally boring first post. Hopefully, that is not a harbinger of what is to come.

However, since it is Whatever Wednesday on Mandarin Mama, I will blather on a little bit more. Other than what you can find on the About page, the only way to really get to know me is to follow along for however long a trial period you would like to give me. (FOREVER!) On the other hand, I can also give you a quick sum up of what interests me in a handy list (obviously, I am interested in other things beyond this list):

– my children (sometimes, other people’s children, but that is highly unlikely)
– ME (because I am a raging narcissist)
– books (particularly SFF, graphic novels of the Batman variety, YA, spies, and Regency Romances)
– cartoons (for ME, not my kids)
– eating (the fattier the better)
– potty humor
– creative usage of swears
– things that piss me off and incur rants/Hulk Smash (from the inane to the profound – but mostly, inane because I am a petty person)
– general geekery
– writing
– TV Shows (particularly USA Network shows)
– things that make me SQUEE (Justin Timberlake, Spike from BtVS, Sark from Alias, Prince Zuko from A:tLA, Damon from The Vampire Diaries, and um, Batman. *blush* Sad how there is only one non-fictional person on this list. Whatever. Don’t judge me.)
– parenthetical conversations and side notes and tangents
– pop-science
– raising kids
– racial, sexual, socio-economic, and cultural issues
– fan fiction (oh yeah, I said it!)

Alright then, now that you know everything about me – go on and introduce yourself in the comments!