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In an effort to jumpstart my fiction writing, I thought I’d ease myself in. I know I tried a writing prompt thing earlier this year and I hated it. But this is a twist on the idea and I think I can manage it on a weekly basis for June. Feel free to join me and post your link in the comments.

#JuneFlashFictionChallenge In 15 minutes or less, please write a flash fiction using any or all words in the following randomized prompt. Then post either your link or full piece in comments.

Prompt 1: cockroach, enflame, spicy, computer, mend, fluffy, rope, astound

A Marriage in Brief

“You astound me.”

“I am pretty amazing.”

“You got me all wrong. I don’t mean it in a fluffy, complimentary way. I mean it in the way cockroaches can live for a week post-decapitation where it’s both revolting and fascinating.”

“Um, thank you?”

“Aren’t you gonna ask, ‘Why?’ Or, ‘How?’”

“I presumed you would elaborate. It sounds as if you’ve been saving this up for some time. Didn’t want to steal your thunder.”

“Ah. Thanks for the courtesy. It’s about the only time you’ve ever shown me any.”


“Yup. Wow.”

“So, you gonna throw me a rope or something? Give me some kinda idea of what you’re talking about?”


“Well, that’s pretty shitty. How can I mend this if you don’t even give me a chance?”

“Who said I wanted to fix this? You spend all your free time on the computer. You never pay me any attention. It doesn’t matter what I do or say. You grunt and go back to whatever it is that is so interesting on the screen.”

“It’s called work. Someone has to pay for the lifestyle to which you’ve become accustomed.”

“I work.”

“I said someone had to pay for this life.”

“You think you’d be able to work as much as you do if I weren’t taking care of all the inconvenient details of your life? Who watches your children? Who feeds and waters you and these children? Who makes sure they are educated and arrive at where they’re supposed to be at any given moment? Who does everything other than your actual job for which you get paid so that all you have to do is show up and play with the kids and reap all the glory of being an involved father?”

“Oh, please. Like you pay any attention to our kids other than keeping them alive. You don’t play with them or take them to the park. You’re just an overblown Uber driver.”


“I mean, since we’re being honest.”

“As I said. Astounding.”