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Happy New Year, my friends! I hope you had a wonderful New Year’s Eve celebrated however you truly desired! Mine was with some of my good friends who swung by our early NYE party and hung out with us, eating, chatting, and watching our children run amok through my house. The party ended a little before 8pm and everyone in the house was out by 10pm. Glow Worm woke me and Hapa Papa up right before midnight so we celebrated with each other in our raucous, partying fashion by cleaning up the kitchen and breastfeeding. Exciting times, people.

Many of you will be watching parades and football and spending time with family or at the movies – as you should. However, in case you’re bored, I gathered my top posts of 2013 in this one handy centralized location. Thank you for supporting my nascent blog this year! I have very much enjoyed writing and interacting with you on the interwebz and in the comments (though mostly on Facebook). I look forward to 2014!

Top Ten 2013 Posts

1) Non-negotiables in Parenting

2) Embarrassing Confession

3) About My Father

4) I Was a Mean Girl

5) I Don’t Like You and It’s OK

6) Vanity, Vanity

7) Rainbows and Genocide

8) Why Do I Always Ruin Things?

9) Babies are Hard on a Body

10) Chasing that Status

As for my personal favorites, here are two:

1) The Best Advice Cosmo Ever Gave Me

2) Show Me How Big Your Brave Is

Have a wonderful day! See you Friday with our regularly scheduled programming. 🙂