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What Do I Really Want?

I know I say it a lot, but it bears repeating. How is time flying by so fast? And why does it always seem as if I am treading water and accomplishing nothing? I know it’s not true. And yet, it always seems as if my...

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Re-entry is Hard

I know. I know. You thought I had abandoned this blog for the ease and instant gratification of Facebook Live Videos. As tempting as that is, I just can’t be that unedited and unscripted on a regular basis. If I produced...

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Miao Mi TV

** Compensation for this post was provided on behalf of Miao Mi TV. A free code was also provided so I could review the app. Opinions expressed here are my own.  People always say we should have our kids watch and listen to...

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Raising an Advocate

I remember in my high school civics class, our teacher said that in general, children start off with their parents’ political beliefs, become more liberal in college, and then finally, when they make more money and become...

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About Virginia

Virginia Duan is the Entertainment Editor for Mochi Magazine, the Living Justice Editor for Diverging Magazine and curator for the Influencer Activist Toolkit. You can find her work on various sites like Romper,, Diverging Mag, and Mochi Magazine. She reacts to K-pop on YouTube, hosts the Noona ARMY Podcast, and founded BrAzn AZN, a series for Asian Pacific Islander Desi American creatives. Located in the Bay Area, Calif., she bilingual homeschools her 4 kids in Chinese and English.

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