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This post was sponsored by Sagebooks. All opinions are mine and mine alone.

When I was a child, I loved Advent calendars. We weren’t thoroughly secular at the time — and I opened up all the squares in one go — but I loved them all the same. There’s something about a tiny gift every day until Christmas that is a delight.

Now that I’m grown, I have never gotten my kids an Advent calendar because it has never occurred to me. (And not only because I’m a killjoy.) It has always felt as one more thing I have to do during the busy holiday season, and that sort of thing places a burden that I hate.

However, if I had known that Advent calendars could be fun and teach kids Chinese? SIGN ME UP. HERE IS MY MONEY.

Sagebooks HK, the company behind my favorite Chinese curriculum, asked me to tell my readers about their 2020 Advent Calendar — and well, you all know how much I love Sagebooks. Of course, I agreed.

image courtesy of Sagebooks HK

Details of the Sagebooks 2020 Chinese Fun Advent Calendar

The beauty of the Sagebooks 2020 Christmas countdown calendar is like all of Sagebooks HK’s other supplementary products: it builds upon the Sagebooks HK Chinese Basic 500 and even includes some new characters.

Order link: 2020 Sagebooks Christmas Countdown Calendar

Delivery: FREE worldwide (except no delivery to Australia and New Zealand)

Deadline to pre-order for guaranteed November 30 delivery: October 26, 2020 — extended to October 30, 2020 for Mandarin Mama readers.

What do you get in the Sagebooks 2020 Chinese Fun Advent Calendar?

Here’s what the Sagebooks 2020 Chinese Fun Christmas Countdown comes with:

  • Never-seen-before Chinese crossword puzzle
  • A unique way to learn about Chinese idioms and culture
  • A3 size poster to play the language game in December
  • 24 daily online riddles starting from December 1
  • 24 mini word cards to play the language game
  • 24 daily follow-up emails with solutions and language tips
  • 24 hands-on fun crafts for children
  • 25 yummy chocolates
  • Complies with the Basic Chinese 500 curriculum plus some new characters
  • Language game and tips
  • Fun Christmas Countdown Calendar

The calendar is interactive, fun, and helps reinforce the characters your child learned (or is learning) in the Sagebooks HK Basic 500 curriculum. You can check out the Sagebooks HK Advent calendars of previous years here.

Image courtesy of Sagebooks HK

Pre-order your Sagebooks 2020 Chinese Fun Advent Calendar

Don’t miss out on this fun way to learn Chinese with your whole family. Make sure you order a calendar for each kid so that everyone can have a chocolate (or send it as a gift).

Pre-order your Sagebooks Christmas countdown calendar by October 30, 2020 (actually, do it right now so you don’t forget) for guaranteed delivery by November 30.