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Product: Aqueduck Faucet Extender
Company: Peachyco, LLC
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Disclaimer: The inventor is a family friend and we are acquaintances in the real world. I did not receive any compensation or free products for this review. My friend doesn’t even know I’m posting about her product. Also, I am using an Amazon Affiliate link. If that bothers you, just go directly to amazon and search for the product.


Pros: This product definitely does what it intends to do – which is to extend the reach of your faucet. It comes in particularly handy for the homes in which the faucets are older and more recessed. It comes in a variety of colors (blue/yellow, pink/yellow, gray, white, blue/clear, pink/clear) and fits most standard faucets. Hapa Papa especially loves the name because it is both clever and cute. (A play on the words “aqueduct” and “duck.”)

I love it because it helps my kids reach the water and it is adorable. Currently, I have two in my house. One downstairs in the main bathroom and one upstairs in mine (because the kids primarily use my bathroom). When they move to their own bathroom, I’ll likely install one there as well. Every time someone comes over to my house for the first time and uses the bathroom, I inevitably get told that the Aqueduck is amazing and so clever and why didn’t they think of it? I have also been told that people have jury-rigged a DIY version but that this version is so much better!

I also love to buy and give as gifts to parents. It is both handy, useful, and most likely, they don’t have one. Then I make converts out of them and they buy some for their friends. 😀 Spreading the love, I say!

Cons: From what I recall, this product was originally invented so that when you’re out with the kids, you put this on the bathroom faucet so you don’t have to carry your kids at the sink while holding a bunch of other stuff. I never found that to be practical – particularly since there is so much crap in my purse/diaper bag that the last thing I want to do when taking my kids to the bathroom is to remember to put the Aqueduck on and then take it off. Sounds rather like a pain in the ass if you ask me. However, as a permanent fixture in my home bathrooms, it is quite awesome!

Also, I personally find the price a little high, (I’m sure it is to cover manufacturing, etc, and costs, and make a profit) but nevertheless, I do. So, I wait for it to go on sale on sites like Zulily or Babysteals and buy a whole bunch at a time. That way, I have a stack ready to go for gifts. 😀

For folks who own the Aqueduck, what do you think? Feel free to comment away!