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For those of you who originally came here for Chinese stuff, don’t worry. I know it’s been all quiet on the Chinese front lately, but I do have a big post coming up and possibly a second book out by the new year. (I’m putting it out here so that I will get my ass in gear on it.) In case you don’t have my first book, you can get (affiliate link) So You Want Your Kid to Learn Chinese on Amazon and read it in the free Kindle app.

Thank you for your patience and support even while I talk about non-Chinese stuff.

Since my last roundup, I was in the following places:

I started as the social media and influencer manager for a company that makes a little robot called Miko 2. It teaches kids through conversation and all four of my kids LOVE it. Miko 2 launches Tuesday, October 29 and if you order before December, delivery by Christmas is guaranteed.

So, look out for me on my socials – and some of my fellow influencers – in the next few weeks. Sign up for launch updates here: Both because you want to get this robot for your kids and you love me.

What other timely things?

On Mochi Magazine where I’m a staff writer and content editor, I wrote a review of movie Gemini Man for Mochi Magazine. Being a staff writer and content editor for Mochi has truly been one of the most fulfilling roles I’ve had in a super long time – if not EVER. I have more stuff coming down the pipeline in the next few weeks.

Gemini Man Brings Us Face to Face with Ourselves

On, I push out 5 SEO articles a month so here are a few:

1) Car Seat Safety for Older Kids

Since I have four kids, I know all about car seat safety and the inconveniences car seats can cause – especially when traveling or carpooling. However, I beg you, even if you think you’re all set, to review car seat safety for your BIG kids.

2) Much Do You Spend on Christmas Presents for Your Kids?

I guess it’s October so we’re already talking about Christmas (are we?). Check out my article about how much other families spend on presents for their kids. Spoiler alert: I spend $0 on my kids because I’m a terrible human.

3) What to Do When You Don’t Like Your Kid’s Best Friend’s Mom

Thankfully, this has yet to happen to me. It likely helps that I homeschool my kids and choose all their friends.

Alright. That’s it for now! Please do the click thingy on all these links so