We are a community of parents who want our children to be bi-literate in English and Chinese.

The majority of us are based in English-speaking countries and have an uphill battle to get our kids literate in Chinese due to it not being the community language.

This group is for fellow parents to encourage our children to read Chinese books – and to read as many Chinese books as possible. It can be picture books, leveled readers, chapter books, or full on YA and adult fiction/non-fiction books. Is it a book? It counts.

We are script agnostic.

We are non-competitive. There is no grand prize. No forms to fill out. No book reports.

We are here for our kids to find reading Chinese a joy so that they want to continue reading in the future.

To join us, please join our 閱讀100本書/Read 100 Chinese Books Facebook Group.

Please PM the admin why you would like to join. If there is no PM, there will be no admission. 

For more information, please refer to the following pages:

1) Read100 Group Guidelines

2) Read100 Details

3) Read100 FAQs

4) How the Read100 Challenge came to be

Alright. That should give you a basic idea. We look forward to seeing you there!