Here are the details of this program:

1) Record each Chinese book your child(ren) reads in a manner of your choosing.

You can use a notebook, official logs (we will provide a few examples in the files), book reports, etc. Whatever you want.

2) Check in on a weekly basis. Each week, we will open up a thread to discuss what books our kids are reading.

3) That’s it.

4) If you want to collaborate with other parents to send finished logs to each other for small prizes, you can do that. Please join our Facebook Group page and check out the Bribery Thread. If you are not currently a member of our group, please note that you will be unable to access that page.

5) If you want to start a Book Club type thing amongst your kids, have Google Hangouts, in-person events, etc., that’s wonderful. Feel free to post. If it gets enough traction, we might create another thread for ease of use.

That’s it. Easy peasy.