Here are some Frequently Asked Questions of the Read100 Group. I will be adding to it as necessary.

1) Where can I find the official guidelines of this group?

You can find it here. 

2) Where can I find the details for the Read100 Program?

You can find them here.

3) I want to introduce myself and read about other members. Where do I do that? 

You can do so on our Facebook Group page in the Introduction Thread. If you are not currently a member of our group, please note that you will be unable to introduce yourself at that page.

4) What if my child can’t read Chinese yet? Can I still participate?

Sure. You are welcome to record the books you read to your child(ren) instead. However, keep in mind that the majority of our discussions are to increase our kids’ Chinese literacy and our journeys together.

While reading to our children is part of the path to literacy, remember that our main goal here is to count how many books our kids are reading.

5) Can we count minutes/pages/characters instead?

You can do whatever you want to do in order to encourage your child(ren) to read Chinese. However, here at Read100, we are officially keeping count of only the number of books our kids are reading.

It may seem unfair since some books are long, some books are short, some books are hard, some are easy. After all, is it really fair to compare a 20 page picture book to reading a 100 page chapter book?

We know everyone is at different levels.

That’s ok. Remember, it’s not a competition. This is just to encourage parents and kids to read Chinese books.

6) I don’t know if we can read 100 Chinese books – let alone find 100 Chinese books. Can we still participate?

Sure! Again, it’s a journey and something to hope and aim for. We’re not going to kick you out or anything. 😉

For more ideas on what kind and types of books your child(ren) can read, I refer you to GuavaRama’s excellent series on books.

7) Can I repeat books and count them as another book?

I want to say, “No.” I am tempted to say, “Yes” because I realize that many times, especially at the beginning, our kids may not even fully understand what they’re reading. So, to get the most of a book, they might need to re-read the book a few times (and with our help). Shouldn’t they get “credit” for reading that book again?

I don’t want kids to feel as if they shouldn’t re-read books they love or need help with. However, the goal of this group is to gradually increase our children’s literacy and in general add more and more books to their repertoire.

Of course, there is no one “checking” or making sure the books you add have legitimately been read or that there are no repeats. But what’s the point in lying or fudging the numbers? There’s no prize except literacy. (Lolsob.)

8) What kind of books qualify for the Read100 Challenge?

Any Chinese books. They can be picture books, leveled Readers (like Sagebooks or Greenfield texts), chapter books, or novels. If it’s considered a book, then it counts.

9) I know there are no official forms or logs or book reports to fill out, but I really like them and want my kid to do them. Do you know where I can find some?

For now, I currently have a reading report and log from Mindful Mandarin uploaded (with her permission).

10) What if I want to partner with other parents and send in our forms to each other to unlock prizes?

Great idea! Please join our Facebook Group page and check out the Bribery Thread. If you are not currently a member of our group, please note that you will be unable to access that page.

11) What if I want to form a smaller Book Club or discussion group? Or a Google Hangout? or a Skype? Or a Meetup?

Awesome! Feel free to create an event or post and invite people.

12) I requested to join the group. Why haven’t I been added?

Please PM the admin why you would like to join. If there is no PM, then there will be no admission.

13) I did PM the admin! I still haven’t been added.

Most PMs from strangers usually get diverted to a “Filtered” folder automatically by Facebook. The admins do not check those messages every day. When they get to it, they will add you unless there is a compelling reason NOT to add you.

14) What if my question isn’t in this FAQ?

That’s bound to happen. Feel free to first search the page to see if someone has asked it before. Then, if no one has, feel free to post on the page.