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From what I could tell, Sky Mandarin textbooks is a proprietary system of learning Chinese. They offer materials from K-3, elementary, intermediate, and high school levels. They also seem to provide materials for the Chinese AP Exam. Unfortunately, even the site claims it has an English version, I could not get it to work. Google Translate, though helpful, is not always the best for conveying nuance.

Sky Mandarin offers a decent number of resources on their site with teacher guides, sample curriculum, and member only areas. From my cursory look, it seems like each book is about 50 characters, which isn’t really a lot when they recommend you go through a book a year or a book every half year. That seems really slow to me.

They also seem to offer a “magic pen” to help with learning Chinese. (A lot of companies offer something similar.)

As always, if any of you readers have direct experience with the books, please let me know in the comments!

Sky Mandarin (藍天生活華語) 
Site Language: Traditional, offers English but I couldn’t get it to work
Physical Locations: No
Products: proprietary textbooks (K-3, intermediate, advanced), teacher guides, proprietary “Rainbow Stroke Order” materials, teaching references, CDs
Product Languages: Traditional, pinyin