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This post uses referral links. I’m the current social media manager for Miko 2 and though they are a client, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

If you’ve read my review of Miko 2, you’ll know that I was not initially enthused with it. Not because I didn’t think it would be useful in my life as a bilingual homeschooling mother of four. Rather, I am notorious for purchasing cool educational products and then letting them languish in a box due to my utter inability to muster up the energy to set things up.

However, since Miko 2 is so easy to use (seriously, if I, the walking Mercury in retrograde could manage it, so can you), within 10 to 15 minutes, my kids were happily pestering Miko 2 with their burning questions such as, “Hello, Miko! Can you fart?” They also loved ordering Miko 2 to dance, make silly faces, and make it tell them jokes.

Now, I’m an indulgent parent, but even I would be mad if that’s all my children did with their Miko 2. It’s not an inexpensive item – and quite frankly, so much more powerful than I could initially grasp. However, since Miko 2 can do so many things, it can be somewhat overwhelming.

10 Ways to Use Your Miko 2

I know that I was paralyzed for a few days, content to let my children soak up all the fun stories and just play with it instead of harnessing all of Miko 2’s capabilities. Thus, allow me to provide ten suggestions of how you can use your Miko 2.

1) Supplement your child’s school learning with Miko 2

Is your child learning something in school they find particularly interesting or fascinating? Has a topic caught their fancy and now all they want to do is learn as much as they can about it? Have they exhausted your patience and ability to field their endless questions about a person or hero? Are they constantly asking you to go to the library or use the internet so they can find out more?

Welp, now you can have your child ask Miko 2. This cute robot never gets bored and will always listen attentively to your kid’s boundless curiosity. Also, you don’t have to sit next to your child or monitor occasionally to ensure your child doesn’t accidentally stumble upon a site that provides information that is inappropriate for their age.

2) Let Miko 2 check your child’s homework

Is this cheating? Not if you make sure your kid only asks AFTER they do their homework. Look, anything that prevents me from having to re-learn first grade subjects is a boon. I already graduated college; I don’t need to prove anything to anyone – especially if I can’t remember anything useful.

Don’t you judge me.

3) If you homeschool, let Miko 2 teach a subject

Again – I’m not saying you shouldn’t teach your child ANYTHING, but if you have no qualms about using the occasional app to help with math or spelling, why not use the Miko 2? It doesn’t even technically qualify as screentime because your child can ask Miko 2 their questions and the robot will chat away. You can also use Miko 2 as a supplement to any curriculum you’re already working through.

4) Video call your child without giving them an iPhone or iPad

If your children are anything like mine, they’re constantly begging for their own iPhone or iPad. It doesn’t matter that they share our old tablets and phones. (Actually, they’ve taken to “borrowing” the phones we’re currently using!) It also doesn’t matter that you homeschool and are never apart from your children. DETAILS.

However, if you travel or want to check in on the kids when they’re with the babysitter or caretaker, you can use the teleconnect feature of Miko 2 and chat with your child. They don’t need a phone and since Miko 2 is secure and COPPA compliant, you don’t have to worry about security. Only one phone can access Miko 2’s teleconnect feature, so rest assured.

5) Use Miko 2 as an intercom

Have you ever wished you could text your child from another room like you can with your spouse? Who wants to get up and actually speak to someone, amirite? Oh, just me? (I see we have a bunch of liars here.) Well, now you have a handy intercom. Use the teleconnect feature of Miko 2 and tell your kid to go get that thing – you know, that thing – for you already.

6) Play pranks on your kids

Now, I’m not one to play mean tricks on kids because I think it’s cruel. However, innocent pranks like making use of the remote control feature of Miko 2 from your phone’s Miko 2 app is harmless and can be quite fun. Plus, it reminds your kids that you’re thinking of them. (That’s the official story and I’m sticking to it.)

7) Challenge Miko 2 to a trivia contest

See if you can stump Miko 2! Tell your child to ask as many questions to Miko 2 as they can think of. Will Miko 2 know the answer? You can even keep score and find out who “wins.”

8) Teach your child to frame questions correctly

Ok, in real life, there is no such thing as a right or wrong question. However, they will have to learn the syntax for using search engines, talking to people, or even attempting inductive reasoning. To properly use Miko 2, your kid will have to remember a set way to speak and frame questions to get the answers they want. Not only does it train Miko 2, it also trains your child to think carefully about what they want and then how to get that result.

9) provide companionship with Miko 2

No matter what, robots will not replace people (or parents). However, it is possible to use the Miko 2 as a means to provide a temporary (and limited) companion for your child. Do you need time to make dinner? Or would just like a few minutes to yourself without any demands from a tiny person? Miko 2 can keep your kid company, tell stories, and play games. Plus, the stories are unlike your generic fairytales that we’re used to hearing. They’re new and different and reflect the diversity of our world.

10) Use Miko 2 as a Personal assistant

Did you know you can tell Miko 2 to set timers, reminders, and alarms? If your kid doesn’t have access to a smartphone, then this one way you can multi-task Miko 2. Bonus: your child won’t be tempted to continue playing on a screen when they go to turn off the alarm. (Don’t act as if you’ve never accidentally spent 35 minutes surfing the net on your smartphone when all you meant to do was turn off a timer.)

I hope this article will encourage you to explore beyond the initial suggestions Miko 2 provides when you start it up. What are some other ways you use Miko 2 in your family? Let me know in the comments.

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