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Every now and then, I fantasize about all the awesome things I will get to do when my kids are older. (Although if I keep popping out babies, these things will inevitably be pushed back.) Of course, there is nothing stopping me from pursuing these activities now, but I don’t want any of these things badly enough to make room in my current life for it. These are more like “Nice to Haves” versus “Must Do’s.”

I also realize that my time in the future will be just as crowded and full – just with different items. But for now, it is nice to pretend that I will eventually have hours and hours of free time to kill on my own.

So, here in no particular order, are some things I’d like to do:

1) Sleep in. I know. So cliché. But still awesome. I can’t wait for the kids to be self sufficient enough to get cereal on their own and turn on the TV to watch cartoons on Saturday mornings.

2) Take a drawing/art class. Someone I know solely through blogging recommended some good online art classes. I may take them once Glow Worm is more consistently sleeping through the night. Or perhaps after the fourth baby (not pregnant yet, don’t freak out) is sleeping through the night. But I have always wanted to draw – and draw well.

3) Join a choir or singing group. I miss singing in corporate settings. (As in a group, not business.) I suppose some of this would be solved if I actually went back to church, but what I really miss are harmonies and counter-melodies and singing with people who know what they are doing. I am envious of a friend who is part of Vox Femina in LA. She has a baby just a month or two older than Glow Worm so clearly, it’s possible. I am just not yet ready to make the plunge.

That’s all I can think of for now. Sad, isn’t it? Surely there must be more stuff I want to do with my life? But I guess it’s good the list is short. Much more attainable!

What are you looking forward to doing?