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Although I first found out about YellowBridge due to their online Chinese dictionary, they seem to be much more than that. From my cursory explorations, YellowBridge aims to be a cultural bridge to English speakers and has boatloads of resources that at first glance, I did not expect. (Mostly because I do judge a site by its cover and the site itself looks a bit outdated and elementary. However, if I left it just at that, I would’ve missed out.)

What I am appreciating most is their Literature section. Not only does YellowBridge provide links to famous Chinese works, they also have articles about reading Chinese literature, reviews, and book recommendations. They also include some Chinese primers, tongue twisters, palindromes, pager codes (The 90’s called!!), and many more cultural resources.

Their dictionary also employs “fuzzy pinyin” for when you’re not really sure how it’s “spelled” in pinyin (a problem I’ve definitely had since I learned zhuyin first). YellowBridge also uses their proprietary Chinese Text Annotator, YellowTip (unfortunately named, but what can you do?) for all their Chinese text on site.

YellowBridge (黃橋)
Site Language: English
Type: web-based
Products: Online Chinese Dictionary, flash cards, memory game, book recommendations, humor, famous Chinese people, mysticism, travel
Product Languages: English, Traditional, Simplified