VegasHas it already been a week since I went to Vegas for Type A Vegas? I know I had previously written that I was a bit anxious about the whole thing because that’s the way I do things.

In fact, the first night, I couldn’t fall asleep. All I could think of was that I didn’t really know how to behave around grown ups. And even though Type A Parent is pretty much composed of the most generous, kind, and knowledgeable people around in the business, I was still nervous.

I worried for naught.

I had a great time – and I didn’t smile much at all.

So, here then are my thoughts on Type A Vegas Mastermind Bootcamp:


In fact, I want to go on the record here and say I prefer the Bootcamp style vs. the conference at large. Far less mingling and with far fewer people. And also, far fewer parties.

I know. I’m a huge extrovert but I hate parties. I find them empty and meaningless because it is hard to have meaningful conversation in the dark with loud blaring music as backdrop.

But mostly, I love it because of the focus.

I’m sure it helped that this year, unlike in years past, I had specific goals and things I wanted to accomplish with Mandarin Mama and the Bootcamp zeroed in on these.

I lucked out in that although there were no choices for what sessions we should attend, they all were useful and pertained to what I wanted to get done. So, yay!

But most importantly, we had two Mastermind group sessions where we gathered in small groups and workshopped any problems/goals/whatever we wanted to get done and left with discrete steps and goals.

So exciting.

2) I wish it were one extra day.

There was so much good stuff – but I really wish it could have been longer. Perhaps even provide time to work on our new ideas – that way, if we got stuck on something, someone would be bound to know the answer and be on hand to answer.

Yes. I really just want a babysitter.

3) I’m emboldened to apply for Type A Summit.

I had never applied before because I didn’t think I was good enough or a big deal enough. But Kelby Carr told me it was more of a mix of talents and abilities vs how big someone was. So, next one? I’m applying!

4) I am unused to being in an environment with so many men.

This is more in reference to Affiliate Summit West which was held in the same location – and where I attended sessions for a day before I left for home. The sessions were good and informative, but the vibe was very different.

Anyhow, I didn’t realize just HOW WEIRD it would be to be in a situation where men made up at least 60% of the attendees. Keep in mind, I did come from the financial services industry so I used to be in a mostly “male space” for at least a decade. But still. WEIRD.

I cannot say it was terribly enjoyable.

5) Came home FILLED with ideas. 

Like, SO MANY IDEAS, friends! SO MANY. Now, it’s just a matter of prioritizing and sifting.

I’m really excited.

But also? Terrified. I do not want to look back on this year and say I chickened out and chose to play it safe and stick with the status quo. (Hmmmm… how many more clichés do you think I can stuff into that previous sentence?)

Alright. I really should be getting to bed now. Don’t be surprised if you start seeing some minor tweaks here at Mandarin Mama. Who knows? I might finally figure out how to use The Twitter. Stranger things have happened.

See you Wednesday!