Photo Credit: Susanna Stroberg

Virginia Duan is a prolific writer and editor who brings her signature wit and insight to every piece. As the entertainment editor for Mochi Magazine and freelance writer, Virginia tackles the uncomfortable and taboo with biting humor and glimpses of grace. Her work has been featured on major sites like Parents, Scary Mommy, and, providing relatable takes on topics ranging from parenting and family life to pop culture and social justice.

Not one to shy away from difficult subject matters, Virginia discusses mental health, grief, and trauma with disarming honesty. She leverages her own experiences as an Asian American woman, mother of five, and super BTS fan to discuss identity, grief, faith, social justice, and love. By saying the quiet parts out loud, her rage and vulnerability offer her readers comfort, solidarity, and catharsis.

Virginia hosts the Noona ARMY Podcast and has been a featured guest on several other podcasts. Her first book, “So You Want Your Kid to Learn Chinese,” hit #1 on Amazon and provides resources for raising bilingual children. With decades of experience in marketing, financial advising, and writing, Virginia’s portfolio shows her versatility across subjects and passion for highlighting diverse voices. 

Based in the Bay Area, Virginia is currently working on multiple novels while bilingual homeschooling her kids and keeping everyone alive. Whether she’s purposefully pissing you off or fangirling over BTS, Virginia informs, inspires, and entertains with her signature blend of humor, heart, and honesty.

If you would like to work with or contact Virginia, please email her at [email protected].