It’s been a good few weeks.

Hapa Papa took it easy for the holidays and “worked” from home. Kids barely had any classes and had tons of park playdates. I went out a lot with my friends. Saw a lot of old friends visiting family up here. Threw a NYE party. Binge read several books. Barely cooked at all.

And, now. Now it’s back to our regularly scheduled programming. I’m not even sure I know how to do it. Hapa Papa has been a saint and giving me lots of breaks but I think I broke my brain. So, to get myself back into the swing of things, get ready for a few posts of mental flotsam. (You know I always need a few of these posts when I try to get back into the saddle.)

Alright, here we go!

1) We have no food in the house. I have no idea what we have been eating, but it doesn’t resemble produce. I think I’ve been snacking on leftovers from the NYE party and I’m trying to extend that as long as possible. My children may develop rickets in the meanwhile, though.

2) Heading to Type-A Vegas this weekend. I’m very excited for the bootcamp style, and I really want it to jump start my year. I’ve got big things planned for MandarinMama.

Was originally going to try and make it a girls’ weekend, too, since one of my good friend’s birthday was this week and Hapa Papa got me a free room for the weekend. But alas, because of CES and it being Vegas, plane tickets are too expensive and it’s a bad weekend for my friends. So, I have to be social with semi-strangers and figure out what to do in Vegas by myself.

I want to remind myself that I do NOT have to smile. I can just let my face be whatever it is normally (which is NOT smiling).

3) As part of our package to Type-A Vegas, we also get free Limited VIP passes to Affiliate West. There is definitely stuff I want to get a refresher on at the summit, but quite frankly, I am there mostly because hey, it’s free! And I was supposed to be playing with my friends, but since they’re not coming, I might as well learn something.

How’s that for an excellent attitude?

4) I’m actually a little apprehensive about Affiliate West. Type-A is awesome because it’s mostly women and parents and it’s a super supportive community. But I have no idea about Affiliate West. (I’m sure the community is great.) And there will be a lot of men, I’m sure. And not that there is anything wrong with men, I just have found that as I grow older, I find myself less and less inclined to talk to them.

5) I have no idea what to wear at either of these conferences. I mean, I know what the dress code is, but keep in mind that I rarely wear pants that do not have an elastic waistband. Having to wear real pants makes me sad inside.

6) Also, this means I have to wear my makeup and therefore, I have to wash my face.

7) This is turning into somewhat of a whiny post. Whoops.

8) Here, instead of whiny shit, I give you: Into the Badlands on AMC. If you haven’t seen the six episodes for free online or read their online comics/backstory, please do. I want this series to be renewed for Season 2.

Also? Daniel Wu is fucking hot. Do it for Daniel.

9) I am obsessed with Gwen Stefani’s new song, Used to Love You. It is so fucking sad.

10) While I’m sharing music, I might as well confess that my writing soundtrack is pretty teeny-boppery lately. For some reason, I am either listening to Justin Bieber’s Girlfriend (acoustic) or Love Yourself or his ex, Selena Gomez’s Same Old Love. (In addition to Gwen, of course.) You’re welcome.

Ok. I’m done. What? I gave you Gwen, Bieber, and Selena. WHAT MORE DO YOU WANT FROM ME?

Go. Go and give your ears happiness and leave me to my pathetic attempts to recapture my youth. Happy Wednesday!