Now that my children are older, my schedule is opening up and I have room to take on a few more clients and long-term partners. (For written work outside of my blog, please refer to my portfolio.)

On my blog, I work with brands and partners. I am particularly interested in long-term/multi-post arcs like I’ve done for Sagebooks and Comcast. I am open to individual sponsored posts and reviews if the products are a good fit for my audience. Please contact me at: [email protected] for inquiries and rates.

For all other services, please refer to the following list. (If you don’t see something that covers your needs, feel free to email me and we can create something more fitting.)

1) Freelance writing

Are you looking for a turnkey freelance writer for your content needs? Whether it is an SEO article, pop culture commentary, snarky opinion piece, or a personal narrative – I’m the writer for you. I write quickly, on (or before) deadline, and am easy to work with. Also, I am #teamoxfordcomma.

I currently freelance regularly for publications like, Romper, and Mochi Magazine and am open to new media outlets. I am also the Entertainment Section Editor for Mochi Magazine and the Living Justice Editor for Diverging Magazine.

2) Copywriting

Does your company have a neglected blog? A languishing newsletter? Lackluster bios? Quipless captions? Perfunctory but snooze-inducing copy? Do you desire honest, funny, and natural written content but don’t want to create it yourself?

I can fix that.

I excel at creating content that sounds easy, approachable, and relatable. I am credible in my praises and kind in my criticisms. I distill complex ideas, concepts, and processes into simple, straightforward elements. I discuss what most people find deeply uncomfortable and humiliating with biting humor and glimpses of grace.

I am the author of So You Want Your Kid to Learn Chinese and I have written countless articles, sales letters, newsletters, how-to’s, manuals, bios, reviews, and thought pieces since I started in 2000.

3) Editing services

Do you require a discerning editor to help hone, distill, and shape your words? I work with writers of varying experience and provide clear and constructive feedback. I specialize in SEO articles, profiles, reviews, blog posts, books, and personal narrative pieces. I am fast, thorough, and find solutions to writerly quandaries – all while enabling you to retain your own voice.

I am currently the Entertainment section editor for Mochi Magazine, the Living Justice editor for Diverging Magazine, as well as a blogger, author, and freelance writer. Whether you need light editing and proofreading, or more extensive revision and focus, I am always direct, kind, and informative.

Contact me

For quotes and more information, please email me at [email protected].