The beauty of such a large and diverse BTS fandom is that there are so many talented ARMY authors in our fanfic communities. As I mentioned in my post about how whitewashed BTS fanfics can be, I get especially happy when I come across POC writers. Thanks to my own reading and networks of BTS friends and writers, I’ve compiled a list of BTS fanfic writers of color as a jumping off point to explore more POC authors and content creators.

If you like thinking about fanfics in general and having deeper discussions — including those about race in fanfic — check out podcast: Fic Me Down.

Now, before I continue, I want to emphasize that by no means is this list all inclusive of every BTS fanfic writer of color in our fandom. I completely cop to preferring tumblr and AO3 platforms — and while I’m sure there are good writers on Wattpad and or Asian Fics, I don’t use those platforms so I have no clue who those would be. Also, all the stories are in English and I do not include fanfics written primarily in other languages. If I (or anyone in my networks) have read enough of their work to feel comfortable recommending a fic, I will try to do that, too!

If you are a writer of color and I did not include you (or didn’t rec a fic of yours), it’s nothing personal. Sometimes, I don’t know if writers identify as POC or I just haven’t come across your fics yet. Feel free to email me with your handles and a fic to check out and I will try to add you or update when I get a chance.

If you are listed below and wish to be removed from the list, just email me and I will be happy to remove your name.

BTS fanfic POC authors

Here, then, in reverse alphabetical order, are at least 60 BTS fanfic writers of color to check out! (Please remember to read the tags on any fic recs.)

yutasthetic: tumblr

yslkook: tumblr

yoonieper: tumblr | AO3

yoonia: tumblr | dailydoseofdia: AO3

yeojaa: tumblr

xjoonchildx: tumblr | AO3
Fic rec: “The Gajog (AO3)” series (I mean all of them, but I am a sucker in particular for “Greedy (AO3),” the MYG x reader fic); mafia AU, explicit

writtenwhalien: tumblr

winetae: tumblr | beaujolais: AO3

vminkookminv: AO3

violets-room: tumblr

versigny: tumblr | AO3

venusiangguk: tumblr | AO3

ubemango: tumblr

triviafics: tumblr | AO3

threeletterslife: tumblr | AO3

taegularities: tumblr | AO3

sybilwriting: tumblr

sweetieguk: tumblr | roziekoo: AO3

sugaurora: tumblr | sugalights: AO3
Fic rec: “Éffleurer” is a Dom!Jin x reader, office setting AU, explicit
Bonus rec: “The Wedding Arrangement” is a KNJ x reader, enemies to lovers, explicit

suga-kookiemonster: tumblr
Fic rec: “Ego” is hilarious, sexy, and just an absolute perfect JJK x reader college AU story, explicit

spicynom: AO3

sopebubbles: tumblr

snackhobi: tumblr | AO3
Fic rec: “Straight Shooter (AO3)” is a shooter MYG x gunsmith reader badass cyberpunk AU, explicit

sluttyandere: tumblr

shouramyun: AO3

shina913: tumblr

sahmfanficbts: tumblr | AO3
Fic rec: “Unbroken (AO3)” is a beautiful fic about grief with Idol!KNJ x reader, explicit
Bonus rec: “Lucky Ducky (AO3)” is the funniest crack fic I’ve read in awhile. Idol!KNJ x ducky floatie reader (yes, you read that right); humor

ressjeon: tumblr | AO3

ratherunnecessary: AO3

randombtsprincessa: tumblr | AO3

popliar: tumblr | AO3

playmetheclassics: tumblr

pinkcherrybombs: tumblr

opaljm: tumblr | AO3

obiwrites: AO3
Fic rec: “Arranged” is JHS x reader with hilarious dialog, arranged marriage AU, explicit

namjin-fangirling-again: tumblr | namjin132: AO3
Fic rec: “Remember” is a sexy and kind CEO!KNJ x brilliant assistant reader in an office setting AU, explicit

mrcleanheichou: tumblr | AO3

minyfic: tumblr

malachic: AO3
Fic rec: “All Red” is a JJK x KNJ fic set in Black/Brown queer Chicago and that community, explicit

lunaandhertrashheap: tumblr

lonelyhobi: tumblr

littlemisskookie: tumblr | AO3

lavienjin: tumblr | AO3

Lady_Taiyaki: AO3
Fic rec: “One Wish” is a reverse harem (of sorts) idol!OT7 x named reader and is so detailed and brilliant, canon compliant. Fun fact – this fic gave me permission to write a fanfic in the BTS fandom because mine was also set in the idolverse and canon compliant.

ladyartemesia: tumblr

kookskingdom: tumblr

kookingwithjoon: AO3

kookdiaries: tumblr | AO3

kithtaehyung: tumblr | ryenwrites: AO3
Fic rec: “Three Tangerines (AO3)” is a super hot MYG x reader PWP and we are here for it!

kimnjss: tumblr
Fic rec: “Do It Again” is a social media AU between Rapper!MYG x Model!reader, explicit

kattyl: AO3

justasparkwritings: tumblr | justasparkwriting: AO3
Fic rec: In “Be the One (AO3),” reader is going for Hot Girl Summer and dating around with KSJ, KNJ, PJM, KTH, and JJK. Who will she choose and will she listen to besties MYG x JHS? explicit
Bonus rec: “The Worst Guys (AO3)” has OT7 as Greek gods and PJM is the naughtiest of them all. PJM x reader, explicit. Fun fact – this fic features a cameo by yours truly.

junghelioseok: tumblr | mxlia: AO3

joontella: tumblr | AO3

joonscypher: tumblr | AO3

jooncycle: tumblr | AO3

joheunsaram: tumblr | AO3

jjksblackgf: tumblr

jjungkookislife: tumblr | AO3

jinpanman: tumblr | AO3

jinggukpd: AO3

jimilter: tumblr | AO3

jeoniius: tumblr

jamaisjoons: tumblr | AO3
Fic rec: “Wet & Wild (AO3)” is a law school AU PWP featuring KSJ x reader who get caught in the rain on the way home, friends to lovers, explicit

jadedjjk: tumblr

inkydaegu: twitter

inktae: tumblr

inkbluelily: tumblr | SUNN7DAYs: AO3
Fic rec: “Faithless Constellations (AO3)” is a KSJ x JJK spy vs. spy exes AU with current JJK x MYG just to make it spicy. The action is amazing and the banter is exquisite.
Bonus rec: “Rewrite the Stars (AO3)” is a haunting idol!JJK x guardian reader that is sweet, sexy, and full of heartache.

hueseok: tumblr | AO3

hobisuniverse: tumblr | hobiandsprite: AO3

hobidreams: tumblr | meantfordreaming: AO3

hobeemin: tumblr | beezy388: AO3

hisunshiine: tumblr | AO3

hamsterclaw: tumblr | AO3

gokurakuji: tumblr | AO3

go1denjeon: tumblr | AO3

ggukseoulcafe: tumblr

ggukcangetit: tumblr

fringecity: tumblr | AO3

ebenroot: AO3

eatjeanjin: tumblr | AO3

dovechim: tumblr | AO3

disillusioned: AO3

diorkim: tumblr | onherwings: AO3

dionysusrage: tumblr

cutechim: tumblr | AO3

craztextae: tumblr | AO3

cloudteawrites: tumblr | cloudtea: AO3

chateautae: tumblr

caught-in-a-seesaw-stigma: tumblr

btsstan12: tumblr

btsqualityy: tumblr

bratkook: tumblr | jjiminah: AO3

bonvoyagenoona: tumblr | bonvoyage_noona: AO3
Fic rec: “Countermelody (AO3)” is a sexy producer MYG x singer reader fic that is full of joy, life, and growth, and so, so beautiful, explicit
Bonus fic: “Project Dream Girl (AO3)” is a JHS x reader high school friends to lovers fic holiday fic that is sweet, smutty, and funny, explicit

beckysworld7: tumblr

batman: AO3
Fic rec: “sonámbulo” is an “Inception” AU featuring KTH x JJK and is just heartbreakingly achy, full of yearning, and stunningly executed. Fun fact – after I read this, I went through a severe crisis and wanted to throw away all my writing because I could never write as amazingly as batman. It did, however, inspire me to try a new style.

bangtanbeforebitches: tumblr
Fic rec: “The Fall Was a Trip” is a hilarious idol AU MYG x reader and classic fish out of water story but with a Black reader and set in Seoul. The dialog is crackling and the topics discussed are so real. Fun fact – bangtanbeforebitches is my main beta reader and she is the reason my fics sound so good.

automnesleaves: AO3

angelguk: tumblr | AO3

amourtae: tumblr | amourtaee: AO3

agustdef: tumblr | bree_niah: AO3

agustdealer: tumblr

1kook: tumblr