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Whether you’re looking for personal essays about the process, advice on how children learn Chinese, or just someone to keep you accountable as you embark on this bilingual journey, I likely have something perfect (and irreverent) for your mood.

For the tl;dr crowd, here you go:

Over the years, I have written extensively about teaching your kids Chinese in a predominantly English speaking environment. In fact, I’ve even written a book, So You Want Your Kid to Learn Chinese, about the subject.

However, unless you’re a super fan or stalker (it’s a thin line, to be honest), you likely are not going to dig deep into my site and unearth every brilliant word I’ve ever written (but you SHOULD). Since I’m a giver and an obliging sort, I have created this super handy (and continually updating) landing page for you to bookmark (do it) and share with your friends (ahem, I’m waiting!).

You’re welcome!

How to Teach Kids Chinese

As much as it pains me to acknowledge this, I realize that not all of you have gone through my site and read every single word of my excellent Chinese advice. For both new and long-time readers, here’s a quick FAQ and also more of my more educationally focused pieces for Sagebooks:

Want to read everything I have ever written about Chinese? VERY WELL. You asked for it.

Alternatively, I refer you to my ebook, So You Want Your Kid to Learn Chinese, that collects 20+ of my blog posts as well as includes 6+ chapters of new material as well as an Action Plan. Actually, you can do both (go to the FAQ and buy my book). Because I’m kind, I have also provided many sample chapters on my blog.

Oh, and if you’re the type of person who enjoys (or thinks they enjoy) doing activities, crafts, and games with your children, this page is just the thing:


At the very start, I joked around about giving you a list of ALL my Chinese related posts. And if you’re a super methodical and thorough person (bless you), you might be willing to go through it all. However, if what you really want is advice, then here are my tips to teach kids Chinese. I’m very tongue in cheek and absurd (but also helpful) so YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.


A few years ago, Guavarama introduced me (and a lot of other people) to the Sagebooks HK Basic Chinese 500 curriculum. I loved the series so much after going through it with my older two children that I approached Sagebooks about a possible partnership. An initial three month trial extended into a year and a half and I have zero regrets.

For an unbiased opinion about the books, I refer you to my original review back in May 2015.

You can read all my Sagebooks related posts here:


This is a series following my journey through the Sagebooks curriculum with my third child, Glow Worm. We started when he was 4.5 and we’re almost done! Join us and read as I start off optimistically, fall off the wagon, and then recover.

Kids Chinese Curriculum

As parents, we often spend a lot of time researching the “best” curriculum for any given subject and Chinese is no exception. Truthfully, almost any curriculum will do as long as you do it consistently. Before I settled on Sagebooks, I did research and check out a few other curriculum so I have included the links below.


Learning Chinese is not relegated to only textbooks and classes. In fact, I’m a big proponent of what Oliver Tu dubbed, Chinese Language Ecosystem (CLE) which is a fancy way of saying: surround your kid with as much Chinese stuff as possible. Thus, I bring you all my posts on Chinese media for kids.


People constantly tell us to read read read to our children in Chinese. The problem is, WHAT should we read to our children in Chinese? By no means is this exhaustive because quite frankly, I got burned out doing these. But for awhile, I reviewed Chinese books for beginners. (These are mostly picture books you read to your children and your older children can read by themselves if they can read zhuyin.)


As your children get older, they will likely outgrow the sweet and cute picture books and yearn for harder and more mature fare. Again, I started posting some of these Chinese Chapter book reviews but stopped because I didn’t find it that interesting. However, if I get a renewed sense of duty, I will post more.


I’d write more, but it’s pretty self-explanatory.


As with the Chinese books, I originally reviewed (or just straight up listed) some Chinese learning apps for children (mostly iOS). I will occasionally update this but all the apps my children use now are all violent and non-educational because I’m a terrible parent.


This is by no means an exhaustive list of Chinese learning websites for pretty much all the same reasons as the books and apps. However, I actually USE these sites so that counts for something!


Read enough articles and advice about teaching your kids Chinese and inevitably, you’ll be told to take your kids back to Taiwan or China for a few weeks in the summer to experience full Chinese immersion. While I cannot help you with camps in China, I have taken 3-4 children (and once while pregnant) back to Taiwan on multiple occasions. Here is a collection of my posts (in no particular order except by most recent) on how to Learn Chinese in Taiwan.

If you prefer, instead, to see things in a more organized fashion, I submit to you this fancy landing page for Taiwan Summer Camps. There are no guarantees I will update this particular page so if you are reading this after 2018 and want my latest updates, I highly recommend you just scroll above instead.