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It’s here, it’s here! My debut novel “Illusive” is out now in paperback and ebook on Amazon

If you’ve been waiting on the pre-orders so that you can have a physical copy, the wait is over! If you pre-ordered the ebook, THANK YOU! Please, remember to download the ebook to your Kindle or e-reader. Amazon allegedly won’t count it as a sale until you do.

It’s a little surreal and I’m overwhelmed by all the support I’ve received from friends, family, and readers such as yourself.

Truly, I am so grateful!!

In a small effort to pay your generosity forward, please consider giving to my friend’s GoFundMe and help her mother save her eyesight. The cost of the procedure is huge and any bit helps. Mutual aid is a huge value of mine and witnessing people’s kindness to strangers always restores my faith in humanity. 

Anyhow, if you haven’t read my newsletters in a while, you may be wondering what my book is about and how you can support me as I embark on my new adventure of being a self-published fiction author.

What’s “Illusive” about?

Set in the K-pop world, “Illusive” is about healing after abuse, found families, and did I mention it’s SPICY?!?

You can read the full description on Amazon — and while you’re there, please buy a copy. Heck, if the spirit of capitalism moves you, please buy one for your friends, too. 🙂

The sales in the first day and week are super important because the more sales a book gets, the more it gets the attention of Amazon and they’ll show my book to their customers. This is super important because Amazon STILL has my book categorized as Asian American Contemporary Poetry even though it’s a NOVEL. It was #1 trending there though, so I guess I can’t complain too badly. 

Any support would be greatly appreciated as I have gone the self-publishing route to bring a story that not only stars Asians and Asian Americans, but also dives into the world of K-pop.

How else can you support me?

If you have already bought and read the book (and feel comfortable doing so), it would absolutely help me if you could:

  • Leave a review (it’s okay if it’s short) on Amazon, Goodreads, Storygraph
  • Share my book on your socials 
  • Recommend to your friends
  • Suggest it to your book club(s)
  • Pitch me as a guest on a podcast, newsletter, show

If you have a podcast, newsletter, book club, or live streaming platforms, I’m absolutely willing to be a guest, too! I can talk about a variety of topics (eg: writing, self-publishing, K-pop, pop culture, entertainment, Asian American identity, parenthood) and would love to be a guest. 

Honestly, I feel bad asking so much of you, and also, this book represents not only 2.5 years of my own labor, but that of my editors, designers, artists, friends, and consultants helping me. I am deeply grateful.

Thank you for going along the journey with me. I appreciate you!