For those of you who are eagerly hitting refresh every few moments on my blog, let me save you some heartache. Here’s a quick and dirty summary of my posting schedule (usually at 8am).

Monday: Sagebooks Challenge Series post

Tuesday: 5 Minute Review on something Chinese related

Wednesday: Whatever

Friday: Something Chinese or bilingual homeschooling related

I try to only post when I have something to say (which, never fear, is quite many and varied) so if I skip a day or two or thirty, don’t freak out. I WILL BE BACK.

My inner narcissist will ensure it.

If you are worried you’ll miss a post, you can do one of several things:

1) Subscribe to my Facebook Page.

2) Add me to an RSS Reader.

3) Subscribe to my blog and it will email you when I post something new.

I hope that helps! Happy reading!