I never thought I’d homeschool my kids let alone homeschool them in Mandarin. But here I am, several years later, still homeschooling mostly in Chinese.

Below, I have collected several of my more informative posts on homeschooling, bilingual or otherwise. What I have found over the years is that homeschooling, like parenting, reveals your own character flaws and brokenness.

Thus, many of my posts don’t seem to be your typical homeschooling posts. In other words, I don’t have worksheets, pretty crafts, or curriculum advice. I write mostly on the formation of my own character and the tough slog homeschooling can often be for me.

Be forewarned, however. I have a potty mouth and I do not hold back in my posts. If that is a problem, I am likely not the blogger for you.

Why I Homeschool – Everyone has their own reasons on why they choose to homeschool their children. Here are my top three.

How I Homeschool with 4 Kids – When I was researching homeschooling, I had a really hard time visualizing what it looked like on a day to day basis – let alone with multiple children. This post walks you through a typical day at our house.

What Our Homeschooling Looks Like – Each year of homeschooling has looked a little bit different than the next. This was how I felt about our first year or so of homeschooling and what we did then and how I evolved.

Flirting with Homeschooling – These are some of my thoughts when I was still deciding on whether or not homeschooling would be a good fit for our family.

Stuff I Reluctantly Learned from Homeschooling Series – Ok, technically, this is cheating because this is not one post, it’s currently 9 posts. But since they’re all such hodge-podges of things I was learning, I think it’s better to just link to the series. Ideally, they give you an idea of what homeschooling is like and what issues it brings up in me.