Title: 四季好蔬菜 (si4 ji4 hai3 su cai4)/Vegetables of the Four Seasons

ISBN: 9789861615233

Authors/Photographs: 文/信誼基金出版社,照片/永豐餘生技丶達志影像

Publisher: 信宜

Level: Beginning Reader, Zhuyin, Picture Book, Non-Fiction, Science

Summary: Introduces some vegetables that grow in every season. Has lots of pictures.

Sample Pages:

Rating: 3/5 stars

5 Minute Review: Well, it is about vegetables. So I wouldn’t say it was very interesting except in an, “Oh, hey. Vegetables,” kind of way.

It certainly is informative. And I suppose Cookie Monster (7) didn’t mind learning and seeing pictures of vegetables he has eaten (and many more he has not).

These are definitely Taiwanese and Chinese vegetables so I guess it is also cultural learning. But again: vegetables. In all four seasons.

To be fair, the book does offer random facts and Cookie Monster enjoyed those. But for the most part, he struggled over the vegetable names because he wasn’t familiar with them and he was very wiggly and antsy.

I am pretty sure this one book took over a week to read because we kept getting distracted and we were both sooooo bored.

No video because I think we both would rather suck on a fork than read this again. But, um, it was useful to learn and go through.