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Title: 糞金龜的成長日記 (fen4 jin gui de5 cheng2 zhang3 ri4 ji4)/The Dung Beetle Growth Diaries

ISBN: 9789861615158

Author/Illustrator: 林秀穗/廖健宏

Publisher: 信誼基金出版社

Level: Beginning Reader, Zhuyin, Fiction, Chinese chapter book

Summary: This story follows the adventures of three little dung beetles at school. They are learning from their teacher how to roll poop into balls and take them home like grown up dung beetles. They also have a lady bug friend who is having a party and the three little dung beetles run a race to see who can roll up a poop ball and bring it home first.

Sample Pages:

chinese chapter book


5 Minute Review: I am pretty sure I bought this book last summer and I am so glad I did. I was worried that I had too many Chinese bridge books at the same level, but as I’m discovering (and as Guavarama told me repeatedly), you never know what your kids are going to like to read so it’s better to have more books. This, of course, appeals to my acquisitive little heart.

Anyhow, I put this book in our book bag for easy access when we’re at kungfu and waiting for the kids’ different classes to start. I knew Cookie Monster had a high probability of liking this book because from the cover alone, I could tell it was about his favorite subject: poop.

Keep in mind, I have not personally read the book, so I cannot verify as to whether Cookie Monster butchered the plot. (It’s quite possible since his father is Hapa Papa and if you ever want to hate a story, just ask Hapa Papa to recap something for you. I guarantee you will want to commit murder and just resort to Google instead of continuing to listen.)

At any rate, Cookie Monster rated the book 4 out of 5 stars. He says it’s funny and is about poop and that’s why he liked it. I guess he learned about dung beetles, too. Bonus!

Here’s a video of him reading a quick two pages: