I cannot believe I have friends who are going to abstain from voting (Especially friends who are minorities.) You cannot fucking tell me that there is no difference between Trump and Clinton.

A vote for no one is a vote for Trump.

Because you can sure as fuck bet that the Trump supporters will be voting en masse.

I’m no big fan of Clinton, but how can you tell me Trump is on par? Worst case with Clinton? Business as usual. Worst case with Trump? Who knows?

But a man who has made it even more acceptable to insult women, minorities, and foment violence is patently horrible for our country and the people I love.

It makes me fear for my children and for myself. It makes me hesitate to speak Chinese in public or even BE out in public because I, as an Asian American, will always be viewed as foreign.

Do I have to bring my US birth certificate everywhere? Do I have to worry that I am visibly pregnant walking around with 3 small children so I must be dropping anchor babies and destroying America with my mixed kids (because their existence somehow is an attack on white people)?

I have never been afraid in my own country, but if Trump is elected, I start to consider that maybe I should be. And maybe I shouldn’t voice my opinions anymore.

So here’s something I have said before and will say again to my friends – especially those who are minorities.


You might not have been Japanese so you weren’t rounded up for the camps. You might not have been Jewish and forced to register and wear a gold star. You might not be Muslim or Sikh and be the current religious pariahs. You might not be black or brown and have to deal with all the shit being black or brown in America means you have to deal with.

But one day, you will be.

An encroachment on the least protected of us is an encroachment on us all. Under Trump (and to be honest, much of the GOP), our right to exist, to live, to be, to be considered human, is being questioned.


You think you will be somehow morally protected because you abstained from voting for either? Some hypothetical BS about voting for Hitler or Stalin?

Please. Save your moral acrobatics. Your false dichotomies.

Clinton isn’t close to either Hitler or Stalin. But Trump could be.

I know.

I sound sensationalist. Like some crazy person. Or some conspiracy theorist.

I know.

But you know what? I hope I am. 

Because the alternative is terrifying.