I know. I know. I’ve been totally neglecting my blog. I have reasons. Well, more like excuses. But regardless of reasoning, it doesn’t change the fact that I haven’t posted much in the last few weeks. And like all things, the more I fall out of habit, the less I “feel” like doing it.

And I love my blog. I just sometimes need a break. But even though I love it, getting back into a habit of blogging regularly is sometimes difficult – especially if my brain feels stuck or racing or both simultaneously.

I have noticed something, though. Every time it seems as if my blog is taking off on a nice trajectory – increased views and engagement or what have you, I “burn out” and pop off the screen for a few weeks. And of course, it takes a few more months of regular blogging to re-build back up to where I was and then, wouldn’t you know it? I “burn out” again.

I really wonder if that is just my way of self-sabotage.

Either that, or it’s just the cycle of my life. Or, I suppose, it could be both! This trying not to be “either or” is really frustrating to me. I do far more enjoy concrete answers versus the vagaries of real life.

Anyhow, am I the only one that does this?

Sound off in the comments.