In an effort to be more engaging with my readers (and really, it’s just a handy excuse to talk evermore of my favorite subject – MYSELF), I have opened up the inbox to take questions.

So, NOW IS THE TIME TO ASK ME YOUR DEEP, BURNING QUESTIONS. (Yes, it is likely a UTI. Or an STI. You should get that checked out.)

Anyhow, Guavarama wants to know why I do not watch K Dramas (Korean dramas).

The answer is many fold and totally a strange amalgam of preference, laziness, and ignorance.

So then, here is more than you ever cared to know about why I do not watch K Dramas despite me having an incredibly addictive personality.

1) I cannot handle having one more thing to be obsessed about. 

Seriously. I wish the answer were more complex or subtle, but this is the main reason I have never started, nor have any desire to start, watching K Dramas.

I simply do not have the bandwidth.

I obsess over things so easily. And then it takes over my life. And then I am overwhelmed with all the things that I need to watch and hunt down and I am a completist so I would not be satisfied with watching only one or two episodes they’re like Pokemon I GOTTA CATCH THEM ALL.

I’m exhausted just writing this paragraph and thinking of all the work I would have to do in order to hunt down free versions of these episodes and all the new apps I would have to install and then to find time to watch these episodes!!!


2) In general, I try not to watch any shows that are serial. 

Again, for the same reasons as above. I am a completist. I have to watch everything in order. And I want to binge. But I can’t because part of my self-care routine (and for love of my children) is to go to sleep at a relatively early hour and get enough sleep so I don’t scream at my children the next day.


There is a reason that the majority of my DVR queue is full of episodic shows wherein you don’t have to watch EVERY SINGLE SHOW (although I do).

A few years ago, I simply decided that short of the serials I currently watched, I was not allowed to add any more without dropping one. And as my serials have gradually ended, I have not added anymore – despite knowing full well there are plenty of awesome shows out there.

My main exceptions to this are SHORT serials. So, Legion was perfect because there were only six episodes. Into the Badlands was perfect because again, abbreviated seasons. Now that Season 2 just finished, I STILL haven’t watched them because the sheer thought of watching 10 episodes is overwhelming.

I still have the last ten episodes of The Vampire Diaries in my DVR that I haven’t watched because every time I start, I have to watch 3-4 and next thing I know, it’s 2am and I AM SO TIRED.

Have I mentioned that I still have Roots in my DVR that I never watched but can’t bring myself to delete? That was LAST SUMMER.

3) I don’t want to read while watching the show on a small screen.

Yes, yes, yes. There are many ways to get around the watching of the small screen. I, in fact, own almost all of those options.


The main hindrance is that I do not understand Korean and I would have to pay close attention otherwise have no clue what was going on.

I multi-task when watching TV/shows. I am usually texting (which is difficult to do if I’m watching the KDrama ON MY PHONE), Facebooking, reading, watching my kids, and sometimes writing.


4) It is difficult for me to obsess over actors who look like children.

Yes, I know they are very attractive. (My friends lust over SJK.) But you know what? I am unable to find anyone who looks under 35 attractive. I realize, IN MY BRAIN, that they are undeniable good-looking. But my loins, where I make most of my decisions, DO NOT.



5) I avoid shows that would make me cry or feel emotions.

People, I cry at commercials. Or thinking about fat babies.

I also would like to continue to think that I am a hardened sophisticate so NO SWOOPY ROMANCES FULL OF ANGST PLEASE.

(Unless it features Ian Somerhalder as Damon Salvatore because Helloooooo, Nurse!)

I also do not watch This Is Us despite knowing 100% sure that I would love it based on the trailers alone. I JUST CANNOT EMOTIONALLY HANDLE IT.

So, there you have it.

I know. I am an emotionally inert human. We can still remain friends though, right?