I am currently too lazy to write up something clever and helpful and accurate. However, in the interest of not procrastinating and putting things off because I have perfectionist tendencies, please just pretend there was something magical here instead of placeholder copy.

For now, the main resources I have are for Learning Chinese (especially for children). (I used to have links to other articles and such, but I never updated them and am very lazy. So, you’re on your own for those! Not that you even know what they were and in what topics. Ha!)

At the moment, I’m still building out this section, so please excuse the lack of posts thus far. 

When you click on the Chinese Language Resources tab, all it does is pull up all the posts that are in the Chinese Language Resources Category (which is a rather broad and large category). Please make use of Tags and additional SubCategories to further narrow down your search. (Alternatively, you can always just use the Search Bar.)

Mostly I will be listing the resources various online contacts and groups have kindly taken the time to list and collect. I don’t have the time nor inclination to review things in depth (unless it happens to be something I’ve already tried). But I will try to categorize items in a way that is easier to search.

Special thanks to Oliver Tu, his FB group, and several other FB groups I’m a part of.

All Chinese characters on this site is Traditional unless otherwise noted (but only if I’m feeling unlazy). Otherwise, I expect you to use Google.