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It’s going to be a repeat of Book 4.1. I know because I have already experienced the future of these two weeks (I write ahead because otherwise, you would never get anything on time). Did I just spoil it for everybody?

Well, it’s not as if you’re reading along for the surprise. (And if you are, what’s wrong with you? Do you never learn?)

Anyhow, I think I forgot how hard and difficult Set 4 was. I seem to recall the older two children running into the same problem. The characters are definitely more abstract, more difficult, and ALSO, they look like previous characters.

It’s been a rough road.


We ended Spring Session Week 2 starting Book 4.2 and somewhat disillusioned but still delusional. We ended Spring Session Week 3 significantly less optimistic and quite frankly, really tired.



We got close, though. And then ground to a sad, sad halt.


I really don’t understand why my older two children aren’t better teachers. They know these characters better than I do. They’re closer to the material and are only a few years beyond Glow Worm (5). Shouldn’t they have more compassion? More patience? More general know-how?


Instead, we have all sort of begun associating Sagebooks with pain and sadness.

The older kids want to zip through but then don’t remember their own frustrations with learning hard characters and don’t take the time to review nicely with Glow WormGlow Worm, being 5, is puzzled why it’s so hard now and is feeling discouraged.

And me?

I’m annoyed that I am still in denial about having to step in and teach Glow Worm myself – as a good parent should but if you’ve been around for any time longer than a week, you know that I never let shoulds get in the way of what I actually do.

What can I say? It’s a gift.


Well, let’s see. Other than serving as a warning about the perils of Set 4 and lazy, mediocre parenting, is there any use to my bi-weekly posts when we make such slow and sloggy progress?

I’m so glad you asked.

Other than for the excellent writing and humor (hey friends, it’s not easy being this breezy), I hope it’s a comfort to you as you see me struggle with what should technically be a simple thing to do.

I mean, how difficult is it to just sit down with your child (whom you LOVE) and go over just ONE Chinese lesson (which you REALLY WANT) for about five minutes?



So, you see, dear reader. I know you. I know your pain. I am just like you (and quite possibly, more mediocre).

It happens.

Last year, I pretty much failed all summer because of my mid-life crisis. I don’t know why Chinese literacy didn’t wait for me and give me a pass, but alas, it did not.

And now? Well, now it’s just difficult because the characters are difficult and my son is frustrated and I am lazy. No life reboot but still similarly painful.

But, I promise you. It might take longer than expected (I was supposed to be done by now) with a few more detours and derailments than necessary, but eventually, you will finish. It always feels this way (though I forget) and I swear this happened with both Cookie Monster (9) and Gamera (7).

I likely have blocked it from my memory because I tend to forget pain very quickly. (That’s why I have four kids. Yeah, I said it.)

As they say, the only way out is through and through we shall eventually be. See you in two weeks!