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I swear we did stuff these last two weeks. It doesn’t look like we made progress because I forced Glow Worm (5) to review Book 4.2 from the beginning and he hated it. (As to be expected.)

But I’m getting ahead of myself.

As I mentioned last time, I forgot how hard and difficult Set 4 is and it definitely shows in how I have been slow to adapt and change my strategy. 


We ended Spring Session Week 4 at Lesson 4.2:15 and somewhat stalled out. I wanted to finish Book 4.2 and start Book 4.3 because gracious, IT’S BEEN A MONTH!

I mean, it’s good to have hopes.



We ended Spring Session Week 6 only two lessons forward at Lesson 4.2:17 but again, this doesn’t show you how we started the book again and reviewed. (To no avail, might I add.)


I could have pushed us to finally finish but honestly, that would require a lot more effort than I was willing to expend because I was sad about many things (but not limited to me suddenly realizing that I’ve gained 15 pounds more than I wanted to). 

What does this have to do with teaching Glow Worm (5) Sagebooks?



Let’s not pretend that doing Chinese with our children isn’t affected by the rest of our lives. Chinese doesn’t exist in a vacuum – no matter how we might wish it would. (If only because then it could carry on without us.)

Chinese is a part of our real, messy, and slothful lives. (Oh, just me with the slothfulness? Hmph.)

I knew I had to take more of a pro-active role in Glow Worm’s Sagebooks in order for us to progress. Did I give into excuses or the never-ending pull of life? Yes. Is that what part of doing Chinese in life looks like? Also, yes.

I will just have to let some things go and be okay with meh. This is admittedly more difficult and easier than I ever imagined.


Well, let’s just say that Cookie Monster (9) made Glow Worm cry because my nine year old got mad that his younger brother forgot a character from one page to the next.

I want to smirk and shout, “SEE HOW IT IS? YOU DO THIS EVERY SINGLE MOMENT OF MY LIFE WHEN YOU DO NOT DO WHAT I JUST TOLD YOU!!” But that seems unsportsman-like.

As it is, I try to comfort Glow Worm and remind Cookie Monster that he used to have this same problem, too. And that he could be a tiny bit more compassionate.

They both seemed to have missed my excellent parenting moment there and stalked off to pout in their separate corners. At least I got to hug Glow Worm since he never otherwise lets me.

Alright. I will be gone for a week this next session so we’ll see if maybe my mother can get Glow Worm into Book 4.3. This is the ideal situation and I will reap all the benefits and do none of the work and I can’t wait!

Hey, it’s the negative side of capitalism but you won’t see me complaining! (Unless it doesn’t work out in my favor. Then you bet I’ll be complaining!)

See you in two weeks!