I know my posts tend towards the ranty and doom and gloom. Or if not that, then something Chinese related. But this past week or so, I haven’t been feeling quite so low or fragile and I thought I would celebrate that feeling of normalcy. 

1) After a month and a half of carting all three kids to Kung Fu lessons twice a week and opting to have the older two in private lessons because they refuse to join the group lesson, Cookie Monster FINALLY joined the group lesson this past Friday. WHOOOOO! And he even had a good time. His world did not end. 

2) Last week, I cut down on some of the kids’ screen time and surprisingly, I yelled less, actually played with the kids, and didn’t feel like shit. Turns out, I felt better because I didn’t feel guilty about the kids being on the screen so much. 

It was a weird, light feeling. 

3) When I did yell at the kids, I didn’t feel myself slip into an uncontrollable rage. I felt as if I was more yelling out of muscle memory than actual fury. 

4) I felt more mindful as I went through my week. It was oddly good. 

5) I made smoothies multiple times this week, took my vitamins (and gave the kids theirs, too), and also made sun butter, hummus, and a chocolate hazelnut spread. 

6) Did I mention that I actually played with my children? And enjoyed it?

7) We successfully picked $85 worth of Ranier cherries this past weekend. Last year was a fiasco but this year, the kids were into it and there actually were cherries. Going with good friends helped, too. I was super pleased. 

8) I got to go out with a friend and watch Mad Max: Fury Road. So thrilling and exciting!! I even made Hapa Papa go by himself to watch the movie tonight. 

9) I actually made it to a Book Club meeting! Yaaaaay!!

10) I finished 3 books. Since I have been on a tear, I have just been devouring fluffy book left and right. 

Alright, the list is silly, but it really HAS been fun and I can’t even explain how great being free of my hangups has been the best part.