I have so many posts in partial form but I am too tired tonight to finish any of them into coherent form. Truthfully, I am exhausted every night but I stay up late anyway because I’m an idiot. 

However, the last few months, Glow Worm has stopped being the perfect child and has been almost impossible to get to nap or sleep at night. Particularly since he switched from the crib to toddler bed after he climbed out of the crib three times. I tried to gate him in his room like I did my other two, but the little stinker figured out how to climb over the gate in literally less than two minutes. 

In my haze, I remembered that we went through this phase with both Cookie Monster and Gamera, but I couldn’t recall how we addressed it. It wasn’t until weeks later that I remembered the way we solved this problem (and by we, I mean me since Hapa Papa could sleep through a zombie apocalypse). 

We never did. 

My solution was to bring the kids into our bed and cosleep. 

I’m not against cosleeping (since this is my third or fourth round of it). We have gone through phases of cosleeping and phases of the kids sleeping in their own beds. I even quite enjoy snuggling with them and sniffing their hot, sweaty little heads. However, I sleep much better when the little kicky monsters are asleep in their rooms. 

I’m not as young as I used to be. My back is dying. My body is falling over, desperately tired. 

And last week? Last week was pretty shitty. Hapa Papa was out of town for most of the week and on my own, I couldn’t figure out the new normal for the kids. Gamera would be the first to eventually give up and go to bed. (She was my favorite sleeper of the week!) Cookie Monster would gamely try to keep Glow Worm company but eventually he, too, succumbed to sleep around 10:30pm. But Glow Worm? That little punk would last until 11pm and then wake up at 7. 

He would be insane with tiredness yet refuse to sleep. It was a very long and hard week. 

However, after two months of no sleep, Glow Worm is getting back on track to a semblance of normalcy. And I? I’m trying to make better decisions about sleep (ie: sleep earlier). 

All this to say, today’s post is definitely filler and a placeholder type of post. But you know what? That’s what most of life is. Filler and placeholder material. Not ideal, but true. (At least for me.)

Thanks for sticking with me today.