Title: 彩色點點 (cai3 se4 dian3 dian3)/Mix It Up!

ISBN: 9789577625298

Author/Illustrator: Hervé Tullet

Publisher: 上誼

Level: Chinese Picture Book, Fiction

Summary: Gives instructions to the reader (eg: trace the line, find the dot, press the dot, etc) and goes on an “adventure” with the reader in tow. Very interactive.

Sample Pages:

Rating: 5/5 stars

5 Minute Review: All my children love Tullet’s books and this one is no exception. Cookie Monster (7) and Gamera (5) can read most of the characters (there is no zhuyin) and so can I. I still have to look up the occasional character, but mostly, I can guess them from context.

Again, it is Glow Worm (3.5) who LOVES this book (much like he loves the other two in the series).

The illustrations are fun and interactive and teach a lot about color mixing. I don’t know if Glow Worm understands half of it, but he loves screaming out the colors and my other two kids love the “mixing” and “magic” of the series.

Highly recommend.