Title: 我愛吃小孩 (wo3 yao4 chi xiao3 hai2)/I Want to Eat a Child

ISBN: 9789865876135

Authors/Illustrations: 文/希薇安丶東尼歐,圖/多蘿特丶蒙弗列特,譯/蘇㦤禎 (translated from French)

Publisher: 阿布拉教育文化

Level: Beginning Reader, Zhuyin, Picture Book, Fiction

Summary: Archie, the alligator, doesn’t want to eat any more bananas. He wants to eat a child. Archie’s parents are really worried and try to tempt him with yummy foods but he refuses them all. He finally notices a child but is unable to eat her. He goes home, determined to try again.

Sample Pages:

Rating: 5/5 stars

5 Minute Review: From when I first saw this book at Eslite, I had to buy it. It’s ridiculous and cute and has fun illustrations and a silly story. All my kids enjoyed the book from the get go and I was able to read it because it had zhuyin.

Gamera (5) recently chose to read this book out loud to me and did pretty good for the most part. Some characters she didn’t recognize so she used zhuyin. She can be lazy and forgets to use the zhuyin when she doesn’t know a character. Or she starts reading zhuyin and forgets to read the actual characters. I know this will stop once I start having her read more consistently (but I suffer from constant laziness).

Anyhow, Gamera had a relatively easy time reading the story save a few stumbles. The vocabulary is simple and easy to understand. The pictures are bright and fun. It took Gamera about 20 minutes to read all the way through.

Definitely recommend for adults to read to their children (as well as having children learn to read it themselves).

Here is a video of her reading an excerpt (with commentary from Cookie Monster).