You GUYS!! I’m at the Listen to Your Mother San Francisco blog today talking about the process for writing your submission to LTYM.

One thing I noticed last year while participating in LTYM SF was that though there was diversity in the age and type of story performed, there weren’t really that many people of color, people who were NOT mothers, or LGBTQ in the mix.

Since meeting the producers, I’m pretty sure that it wasn’t a conscious decision on their part – and they have actively asked us to reach out to POC, WOC, and LGBTQ in the Bay Area to submit their pieces.

Gather up your courage and dust off your keyboards. Let’s flood them with submissions!

S0, if you have ever had a mother, wanted a mother, didn’t have a mother, wanted to be a mother, are a mother, or anything related to having, not having, being, not being a mother, LTYMSF is having open casting calls.

This is the last year for LTYM so PLEASE submit! (Although they are coming back in different incarnations in 2018 – but SUBMIT ANYWAY.)

This could be your year!