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Title: 蠟筆小黑 (La4 bi3 xiao3 hei)/The Little Black Crayon

ISBN: 9789862168820

Author/Illustrator: 中屋美和

Publisher: 小天下

Level: Beginning Reader, Zhuyin, Fiction, Picture book

Summary: This is a Chinese translation of a Japanese series.

A little black crayon is sad because all the other colors are drawing and won’t let him contribute. But when the other crayons get in an argument, Mr. Mechanical Pencil comes up with a solution that has the little black crayon coming to the rescue.

Sample Pages:


Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

5 Minute Review: Glow Worm (4) loves this book. (He loves this whole series.) The plot has a great moral, the crayons are super cute, and the illustrations are imaginative and delightful.

I got this book last summer but only finally took it out in August (because I’m lazy, ok?) and so my older two kids never saw it until recently. They both seemed interested and Gamera (~6) even read it by herself. Cookie Monster (~8) was lazy and just glanced at the pictures, but he did enjoy listening to me read the book to Glow Worm.

Personally, I enjoyed the book and the illustrations and I was happy to read it several times to Glow Worm.

I highly recommend the book and the whole three book series.