Sorry for not posting on Monday. Glow Worm had an allergic reaction that required an Epi-Pen Jr. shot and Benadryl and Prednazone. I have no idea what he’s allergic to this time so we’ll be doing some more testing. Needless to say, I’m pretty gung-ho on the new CA bill many parents of children with food allergies are trying to get passed.

So today, instead of my usual post, I would urge you, if you are a current California resident, to PLEASE HELP US GET SB1266 PASSED. For some reason, unless we contact our representatives in a concerted effort, the bill dies.

All you have to do is follow the instructions and FARE will automatically email/fax your representatives for you. As a mother of TWO kids with food allergies, I know this law would save children. I’ve taken Glow Worm to the ER for food allergies TWICE in the last three weeks. I’ve taken Cookie Monster to the ER for food allergies recently, too. Each time, I had to give them an Epinephrine shot so that their throats would stop closing in, they would stop wheezing, and they would stop breaking out in hives. It is very scary.

We have Wed & Thu left to ask the Senate Appropriations Committee to let SB 1266 #epipenbill out of the suspense file on Friday or else the bill dies. 

–>It’s time to ask everyone you know to take 5 minutes to send letters to make schools safer and ready to respond to anaphylaxis.

Please SHARE and ask your friends and family to send letters of support:

FARE link (sends a letter to the Senate Appropriations Committee)

When you use the FARE link, select FAX for Sen. Lara and Walters. 

AAFA link (sends a letter to your senator and Sen. Huff):