People. I have been wearing my Big Girl Panties lately. Heck. It’s really only been a week but come on! We take our wins when we can get them.

And because I am twelve, I am hereby listing the things that I adulted even though technically, I don’t need to start until January 1, 2017. 

1) Spent most of a day sorting (and opening) all the mail from the last half year. I usually toss spam right away so pretty much the only things left are outstanding medical bills. 

2) Paid off all the outstanding medical bills. I also had a few random insurance related things to pay off, too. 

3) Paid first chunk of property taxes. 

4) Made dinner a few nights in a row. Bonus because kids ate it. 

5) Paid DMV car registrations. Transferred a car title. Smog checked two vehicles. With a newborn in tow! And occasional siblings who had to poop mid-transaction at AAA! Thank goodness for the DMV desk at AAA. Worth the cost of membership alone. 

6) Got the mail in a timely manner and actually OPENED the mail and PAID medical bills (new ones thanks to The New One aka Sasquatch) the SAME DAY. 

A minor miracle. 

7) Took all four kids to see Dr. T because Hapa Papa was in San Diego for “vacation.” I bet Dr. T was NOT expecting to take a 5 year old to the potty when she went into work that day. 

8) After that, took all four kids to kungfu class. 

9) After that, took all four kids to our city’s tree lighting. BY MYSELF. #kneelbeforezod #imafuckingrockstar

10) Have been attempting to brush my hair in the morning, brush my teeth and floss at the end of the day, and wash my face at the end of the day. Occasionally I remember to take vitamins. 

This is a step up, friends. A major step up. 

11) Somewhere in between this nonsense, I went to Costco with the younger two kiddos and was in and out under an hour. 

Applaud me. 

Alright. This seems to be enough bragging about stuff normal people do and do well without expecting adulation. Anymore and my bravado will turn into weeping because ffs. People do this thanklessly everyday. 

May your Monday be full of adulting and perhaps some adult beverages.