Well, we’ve been home for a few days and I’m exhausted. The kids are still in the throes of jet lag and have wonky sleep schedules. And maybe I’ve been out late two nights in a row at JT and Yo-Yo Ma concerts.

I am also feeling pretty overwhelmed. I haven’t finished unpacking, the house is a disaster, and I have too much crap which I have compounded by acquiring a bjillion logic games and Chinese books. Also, still no food. (Although we do have milk.)

I really haven’t gotten my act together. I need a mommy or a wife or a grown up.

Just the thought of the sheer magnitude of what needs to be done is crushing. The lame thing is that this is all self-imposed! I know all I have to do is break things down into small, discrete parts. I know all I have to do is to just get going and get things done.

But because there is no hard deadline (other than Glow Worm’s birthday party this weekend), I am totally dragging.

All right. No more procrastinating via blogging. Wish me luck. (Assuming I can dig myself out of the avalanche of stuff I own.)