It’s been awhile since my last update. Many apologies! I’ve been trying to unstick my head from my ass. As great as it was to finally be home, Real Life is decidedly less fun than Holiday Life. I know, I know. Wah. Cry me a river et al. But it really has been quite an adjustment.

Some silly things that have been hard:

1) Jet lag. And it’s ensuing craziness. Hapa Papa and I likely would’ve switched back right away, but our kids made it very difficult because even though we might’ve been fine sleeping at night and being awake during the day like a normal human, you can’t stay up all night with the kiddos and still keep up during the day. Maybe back when I was a college student, but no more. I am weak sauce, people.

2) NO FOOD. I mean, yes, I could’ve gotten off my ass and gone to Costco sooner than I did, but see above paragraph. I finally made it to Costco (and was TOTALLY off my game – it was sad) but only because Glow Worm’s birthday party rather necessitated it. Can’t invite people over and tell them to eat cold cereal. Or I suppose you can, but that may be the last time people come for awhile.


3) Suburbia is great but after the ease and convenience of living in Taipei for a month, it was quite the culture shock. Why is everything so far away? Why aren’t there fifty restaurants in a square mile? Why is food so expensive? Why is everything so quiet? AND WHY ARE THERE SO MANY ANTS?!?!

4) I have way too much stuff. I could fit the entire two bedroom apartment we were renting in my master bedroom, closet, and ensuite. Yes, yes. Wah again. But the nice thing about living in such a small place is that there is limited space so you can only have so much stuff because otherwise, you have no space to live.

Hence, garage sale. To make room for all the toys and books I got in Taiwan.

5) Glow Worm hates the car again. 🙁

6) I miss Fleur and her kids. It was like being back at college again but with babies. I mean, I love Hapa Papa and everything, but he has to work (wth, right?) and can’t hang out with me all day mapping out where we are going to eat next.

7) I am dehydrated because I am not eating two shaved ices a day. Also, I am hungry because I cannot procure ready made meals for cheap here and I actually have to make food and that’s why I eat a lot of dry cereal. (Still no dairy.)

I’m sure there are more but it’s pathetic to be whining about how “hard” my transition back has been when really, it’s been pretty good and I am glad to be home.

Ok. Back to my exciting life. What do you do to ease your way back to reality after a trip? Let me know in the comments.