In the 16th episode hosted by writer and BTS stan Virginia Duan, she and special guest, Dr. Michael Sepidoza Campos, discuss Singularity, masks, personas, and how it relates to the Trinity, gods, and idols.

Noona ARMY Podcast discusses the particular challenges and aspects of being a middle aged female fan of K-pop global sensation BTS.

GUEST HOST: Dr. Michael Sepidoza Campos

As founding member of Emerging Queer Asian-Pacific Islander Religion Scholars, Dr. Michael Sepidoza Campos researches at the intersection of Filipino-American diaspora, postcolonial theory, queer theory, and critical pedagogy. Campos co-edited (affiliate link) Queering Migrations Towards, From, and Beyond Asia. (Palgrave Macmillan, 2014) with Hugo Córdova Quero and Joseph N. Goh. His work as religion teacher in Catholic schools constitute the primary location of his work and ministry.

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