A tip from a Mandarin Immersion school parent (taken originally from the Raising bilingual children in Chinese & English Facebook group) on how to purchase simplified Chinese ebooks from China using your US KINDLE or Kindle app. These may not be all the steps but should get you started.

Chinese Kindle books cost about ¥ 2-6 (US $ 0.50 – $1.00) so the appeal is obvious. If you currently have a US Kindle account on your iPad or tablet, you will need to:

  1. Deregister: delete current Kindle books loaded in the device under US account.
  2. Re-register US account. You will need to redo all book downloads.
  3. Create new China Kindle account by going to www.amazon.cn
    • Click English if you like
    • Click on account, create an account, enter email address and password
    • Click on payment option for entering credit card or enter in Kindle gift card code
    • Enter your billing address, be sure to click on international
  4. Purchase Kindle gift card
    • Buy gift cards: eliminate foreign transaction fees
    • No limit of 6 books in 24 hrs in the case of credit card
  5. Pick reading code: AA, AB, AN, ending N is non-fiction or classic reading
    • Be sure it says [Kindle 电子书]
  6. Download dictionary: hold down one character, then it will ask for dictionary to download, select language, Chi-Chi, Chi-Eng

Hope that helps! Thanks again to the original parent and to the Facebook group!