My mind is all over the place today (and these past few weeks). Today, it’s because I’m flying out to Type-A Con in Atlanta tomorrow morning (I have to leave my house at 3am in order to avoid missing my flight like last year). I’m not really that excited yet because I kind of don’t want to go this year. (Mostly because I’m feeling bleh.)

But then again, I don’t usually like things until I’m physically on a plane. (And if it’s a long plane ride with kids, then it’s not until I’m physically at our last stop.) Thankfully, no kids this weekend (even though they’d be welcome). Hapa Papa is taking two days off work to pull the “Mommy” shift as well as having them the whole weekend.

At any rate, my brain has been on a permanent feedback loop with all the stuff on my mind that has been harrying me for the last few weeks regarding the conference. Here they are for your amusement:

1) I don’t know what to pack.

Well, besides the fact that I hate packing in general with a passion, it’s stressing me out that there are two costume/dress up parties (they have them every year) and I hate costume parties. I mean, I like watching and seeing people in their creative costumes, but I personally, hate thinking of what to wear and packing those things on a 3,000 mile flight. Type-A Con doesn’t care if you dress up or not, but I hate being a Debbie Downer and not participating. But I also hate participating.

Plus, we get a ton of SWAG – which is nothing to complain about – but difficult in terms of gauging what type of luggage (ie: size, ease of use, carry-on or not?) to bring. In general, checking in baggage is against my religion, but it seems as if that might be the best way to go this time.

Then, I have no idea what I want to wear. Type-A Con is all about you doing you, so they don’t really care what you wear. But I went last year and gracious, people are awesomely turned out. I mean, sure, there are super-casual people, too. But even then! I know, I know. Confidence is stylish and what not, but that does not help me decide what to wear.

I could go with my usual lame SAHM gear, but it’s SO BORING. And so sad. And so bleh. I’ll likely unearth all my old work clothes and squeeze back into them for a weekend so I don’t feel like a country bumpkin.

Also, ACCESSORIES. It’s important. But also stuff I’m not used to remembering or coordinating. And who wants to bring a ton of stuff I might lose anyway?


So. I don’t know what to pack.

2) Wait, there’s more shit I don’t know what to pack (or find):

– books (more than one? just one? ebooks only?)
– laptop for ease of note-taking? (NOPE)
– journal?
– several notebooks?
– loose leaf notepads?
– makeup?
– travel size (mostly running out) or full size face products?
– hair product?
– am I forgetting something? I know I’m forgetting something

3) I had something to write here but I seemed to have forgotten.

4) Am I really going to wake up in time to leave at 3am? I might as well just stay up all night. But then I’ll fall asleep while driving to SFO and die. I better go to sleep. But Glow Worm is insane and won’t go to bed at a normal hour. I better drive him around until he goes to sleep.

5) Parking and then going on a shuttle and then going through TSA at o’dark thirty is going to really be difficult.

6) Should I drink tea to wake me up? But then I will have to pee nonstop and be jittery and shakey and all around crazy. And then not be able to sleep on the plane.

7) Is Hapa Papa going to forget taking the kids to something? Or forget their epipens? Or what is he going to feed them?


9) Am I going to post on Friday? Because if I am, I better get to writing that, too.

And that’s about it because now I’m late to take my kids to school. Happy Wednesday!